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  Pacific Northwest Football League (2013)

2013 Champion: 



President:  Scott Riley

Vice President:  Thomas Chandler

Treasurer:  Chris Nickel

Secretary:  Bob Valentine









From the website: 

Founded in 2012, and set to kick off its inaugural season in 2013, the Pacific Northwest Football League (PNFL) is the Portland area’s first open registration, full-contact adult football league. The PNFL has, at the core of its mission, the goal to not only create a platform for football players to gather and play the game they love, but to offer a service with all of the features and amenities of a professional league. Among these features are the following:


  • Brand new, fully customized Nike pro combat uniforms
  • Top of the line helmets and shoulder pads
  • Certified referees to officiate every game
  • Professional website with individual and team stats tracked each game throughout the season, weekly matchup previews and game stories for every game, full team box scores for every game, weekly highlights and awards, and online access to full-game video of every game played
  • Divisional blogs, updated daily to cover all of the latest PNFL news
  • Weekly and season awards
  • Sports accident and general liability insurance coverage for all players


The PNFL will offer three seasons throughout the year – spring, summer, fall – with each team guaranteed eight games, plus a championship game featuring the league’s top two teams from the regular season. The league will adopt the NCAA football rulebook, which can be found by clicking the Rules tab to the left, but with a few exceptions.


The PNFL will strive to create a truly one of a kind football experience that does not just begin and finish on game day – it lasts all week. In order to create this experience the league strongly believes in the importance of offering players and teams the freedom to play the way they want. Teams have the freedom to decide if and when they practice. Teams can add coaches to any extent they desire, whether for practice purposes or games. Tired of running the wing-t offense throughout your childhood? Feel free to air out and throw the ball down the field, because teams can choose their own offense, call their own plays, and decide which positions to play.


Offering players these freedoms is key to achieving the unmatched experience the PNFL has set out to create. Players can play the game they love the way they want to play it. Whether you want a more casual, relaxed football experience or a competitive league with coaches and sophisticated playbooks, the PNFL has something for everyone. The game day experience is what you make of it. And the best part? The experience doesn’t end on game day.


September of 2011 a group of lifelong football fans gathered to discuss the possibility of starting a football team to participate in a local, full contact football league for adults. As backyard football regulars, these young men were incredibly excited about the prospect of padding up to play in an actual league against fellow fans of the sport.

As discussions of starting a team together heated up, excitement continued to rise as these young men began discussing positions, offensive and defensive strategy, playbooks, and potential team names. As the discussion concluded, everyone in the room was thrilled about having a team in place to finally compete in a competitive football league. There was just one problem - no such league existed.

Once this news spread to everyone set to be on the team, everyone was baffled. In a large metropolitan area which offers adult leagues for every sport imaginable, all of which have a track record of high participation and great support, how is it possible that no such league exists for the most popular sport in America? No one could figure it out. What began as incredible excitement quickly turned to dismay and confusion.

Among this group of young men who set out to start a football team was Vancouver resident, Scott Riley. Like everyone else, he, too, was confused as to why there was no such league in the area. His confusion soon turned to curiousity, and he began to do some research on the few adult football leagues that exist throughout the country.

The results he found were shocking. Only a handful of open registration adult football leagues, like the one he and his friends imagined, exist throughout the entire country. Scott found this reality to be truly perplexing. With so many flourishing youth leagues, why is it that the same could not be achieved for adults?

After weeks of continued research, Scott came to the conclusion that a full contact adult football league in the Portland area would have a great opportunity to be successful. Once he prepared the necessary reports and data to support his claim, he turned to his lifelong friend, Thomas Chandler, for help.

Together, Scott and Thomas founded the Pacific Northwest Football League in February, 2012. With the creation of this league, Scott and Thomas hope to turn their shared goal of offering a top of the line amateur adult football league into a reality. Through their efforts, along with the help and support of many others, Scott and Thomas hope that the Pacific Northwest Football League will become a mainstay in the community, filling a void for football fans and players alike.