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  "Arkansas Travelers" Fort Lewis/Camp Murray (1941)

206th Anti-Aircraft Battalion

Years of Operation: 1941


Overall Record:  8-0


First Game:


First Win:


Final Game:

League Affiliation:  

Independent ()



Team Headquarters: Fort Lewis, WA

Owner: United States Army


General Manager:


Coaches: Capt. Hansel T. Winters, Lt. W.C. Ruckman


Home Field(s): Univ of Washington

Titles Won

1941 Puget Sound Army Championship







Ellensburg Daily Record, Dec 11, 1941:


In 1939 most of the "Travelers" were attending Arkansas schools.  Came the emergency and 17 members of the tech football team, all national guardsmen, were called to the colors.  By 1941 there were 21 from Arkansas Tech, two from the University of Arkansas, two from Arkansas high schools and one from Arkansas State who are included on the squad.

It was a new group, without funds, and civic organization who finally scraped up some discarded uniforms for the team, which immediately was dubbed the "Arkansas Travelers".  Much to everybody's surprise, they swept and razzle-dazzled through eight service teams, rolling up 279 points to 6 with a light squad weighing 191 in the line and 171 in the backfield.

Just a week before their big game with Moffett, war broke out.  The generals said the game was "still on". But the Ack-Acks had work to do, too-work more grim than playing football.

The long haired, drawing Ozarkians, were hustled here by army truck to the big Boeing aircraft factory.  There they set up their anti-aircraft guns.

After putting in long hours, they repair to a nearby playfield to polish up their football attack.  Then after a couple of hours of scrimmage, they turn in for some sleep before returning to their vigil with their long nosed guns.

The Moffetts won seven of eight games, losing only to St. Mary's 6-0.  They scored 140 points and gave up 45.


The game was canceled by Lt. General John L. DeWitt of San Francisco, commander of the West Coast military forces.





1941 Schedule/Results (8-0):

Nov 24 - 103rd Anti-Tank Battalion 58-0
Dec 13 - Moffett Field (CA) Flyers * Cancel
  * Khaki Bowl - Pacific Coast Championship
RB - Aubrey "Cob" Fowler  
 - Scored 4 TD's on Nov 24 on runs   
 of 23, 69, 5, and 16.  He signed  
with the Baltimore Colts in 1948.  







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