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  EASTSIDE HAWKS (2002-2004)

Years of Operation: 2002-2004

Overall Record:  39-5-1

First Game: May 18, 2002 vs. Willamette Valley Raiders 21-21 Tie

First Loss: June 15, 2002 vs. Puget Sound Jets 13-7

Final Game: November 13, 2004 vs. Central Penn Piranah 53-28 win

League Affiliations:  

Northwest Football League (Tacoma, Washington)

North American Football League (New York)


Team Headquarters: Kirkland, Washington

Owner: Sam Adams

General Manager: Darrell Fisher

Coaches: Ken Austin, Nesby Glasgow, Luke Huard, Melvin Jenkins, Mike Daniels, Mark Daniels, Jeff Hudson, Alonzo Mitz, Curtis Delgardo, Eric Metcalf, Joel Jamison

Home Field(s): Lake Washington HS (Kirkland, WA); Foster HS (Tukwila, WA)

Titles Won

2003 Northwest Football League Champions

2004 Northwest Football League Champions

2004 North American Football League Champions

2004 AFA National Champions

  2002 Schedule/Results (10-2-1):  


AFA Coach of the Year Nesby Glasgow (2004)

NWFL Coach of the Year Nesby Glasgow (2004)

NWFL Player of the Year EJ Ash (2004)

NWFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Chris Dixon (2004)

NWFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Jeremiah Pharms (2004)

NWFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Brad Collins (2002)


Terrance Ivory, DB (2004, 03-NAFL; 2004-NWFL & Hon Men as KR/PR; 2003-NWFL)

Antonio Chandler, WR (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL 2nd)

Chris Dixon, QB (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL)

EJ Ash, RB (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL)

Chris Johnson, OL (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL 2nd)

Aaron Waldrip, LB (2004, 03-NAFL; 2004, 03-NWFL)

Jeremiah Pharms, LB (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL)

John Romero, OL (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL)

Jesse Duncan, OL (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL)
Syii Tucker, WR (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL as TE)

Jackie Triplett, DL (2004-NAFL; 2004-NWFL)

Rod Wilson, C (2003-NAFL; 2003-NWFL)

Josh Wright, G (2003-NAFL; 2003 NWFL)

Eric Bellamy, LB (2003-NAFL; 2002-NWFL 2nd)

Greg Paribello, FB (2004 - NWFL)

Brian Carter, WR (2004-NWFL 2nd; 2002-NWFL Hon Men)

Josh Ketzenburg, C (2004-NWFL)

Jason McKintosh, OL (2004-NWFL 2nd)

Craig Hawley, PK (2004-NWFL 2nd; 2003-NWFL 3rd & 2nd as P)

Addison Perrin, DL (2004-NWFL 3rd)

Kirk Williams, DL (2004-NWFL Hon Men)

Garland Bryant, DL (2004-NWFL Hon Men)

Joel Robnett, SS (2004-NWFL 3rd)

Milton Meyers, FS (2004-NWFL 2nd)

Jamley Austin, CB (2004-NWFL 3rd)

Jose Moreno, P (2004-NWFL 3rd)

Pat Gilbert, DL (2003-NWFL 2nd)

Leyland Johnston, DL (2003-NWFL 3rd)

Jonathan King, DE (2003-NWFL 2nd)

Duke Garrett, LB (2003-NWFL 3rd)

Julian Williams, SS (2003-NWFL)

Karl Wright, FS (2003-NWFL Hon Men)

Corey Walker, CB (2003-NWFL Hon Men)

Duane Bowen, CB (2003-NWFL 3rd)

Jimmy McCollum, PR (2003-NWFL; & 2nd as WR, Hon Men as KR; 2002-NWFL Hon Men as WR & 2nd as KR)

Lance Westendorf, QB (2003-NWFL 2nd)

Sidney Orange, RB (2003-NWFL 2nd)

Andre Edwards, RB (2003-NWFL Hon Men)

Mike Himes, FB (2003-NWFL 3rd)

Brian Young, FB (2003-NWFL)

Derrick Willimas, WR (2003-NWFL Hon Men)

Jeff Hudson, TE (2003-NWFL Hon Men)

Jason Farrar, OL (2003-NWFL 3rd)

Andy Hoenike, OL (2003-NWFL)

Jon Hammersmark, OL (2003-NWFL 2nd)

Jeremy Adams, OL (2003-NWFL)

Brad Collins, QB (2002-NWFL 2nd)

Derrick Pleasant, TE (2002-NWFL Hon Men)

Jeff Hudson, OT (2002-NWFL 3rd)

Marty Northcroft, DT (2002-NWFL 2nd)

Jeff Berry, DE (2002-NWFL 3rd)

Toby Delgado, DE (2002-NWFL Hon Men)

Dave Bockman, LB (2002-NWFL 3rd)

Terrell Walker, SS (2002-NWFL Hon Men)


Terrance Ivory, DB (2003 AFA - 1st Team)

Josh Wright, OL (2003 AFA - 2nd Team)

Jeremy Adams, OL (2003 AFA - Hon Men)

Rod Wilson, C (2003 AFA - Hon Men)

Craig Hawley, PK (2003 - AFA Hon Men)

Derrick Pleasant, TE (2002 - 3rd Team)


May 18 - Willamette Valley Raiders 21-21 
May 25 - West Sound Orcas 41-6
June 8 - @ Washington Cavaliers 34-16
June 15 - @ Puget Sound Jets 7-13
June 22 - King County Jaguars 17-14OT

June 29 - Spokane Nightmare


July 6 - West Sound Orcas 35-10
July 20 - Oregon Panthers 55-0

July 27 - Renton Ravens


Aug 3 - @ Willamette Valley Raiders 15-8
Aug 10 - Pierce County Bengals 23-3
Aug 24 - @ Snohomish County Vikings 57-0
Sep 7 - Multnomah County Buccaneers* 30-33
2003 Schedule/Results (13-3):  
June 14 - Wasatch Wildcats


June 21 - Multnomah County Buccaneers 28-12
June 28 - @ West Sound Orcas 13-0
July 12 - Spokane Nightmare 57-12
July 19 - @ Renton Ravens 35-17
July 26 - Washington Cavaliers 54-6
Aug 2 - Willamette Valley Raiders 29-38
Aug 9 - Snohomish County Vikings 53-0
Aug 16 - @ King County Jaguars 15-18
Aug 23 - Oregon Thunderbolts 57-0
Sep 6 - @ Willamette Valley Raiders* 24-19
Sep 13 - @ King County Jaguars** 27-17
Sep 27 - Wasatch Wildcats^ 47-20

Oct 5 - South Ogden Rhino Raiders^

Oct 11 - Captial City Fury^ FFT
Oct 25 - Springfield Rifles^ 42-20
Nov 1 - Kane County Eagles(Disneyland, FL)# 17-24


2004 Schedule/Results (16-0):  
May 15 - Multnomah County Buccaneers 14-0
June 5 - Oregon Thunderbolts 41-16
June 12 - King County Jaguars 28-0

June 26 - Willamette Valley Raiders

July 10 - West Sound Saints 30-0

July 17 - @ Pierce County Bengals

July 24 - Oregon Panthers 99-0
July 31 - @ Oregon Thunderbolts 44-20
Aug 7 - @ Snohomish County Vikings FFT
Aug 14 - Apple Valley Bucks 48-0
Aug 21 - Renton Ravens 37-0
Aug 28 - @ Multnomah County Buccaneers FFT
Sept 11 - Willamette Valley Raiders* 65-0
Sept 18 - West Sound Saints** 24-7
Sept 25 - Central Coast Barnstormers^ 45-3

Oct 9 - South Ogden Rhino Raiders^


Oct 23 - St. Paul Pioneers^ FFT
Oct 30 - Springfield Rifles^ 45-7
Nov 13 - Central Penn Piranah (Orlando, FL)# 53-28
*NWFL Playoffs  
**NWFL Championship  

^NAFL Playoffs

#NAFL Championship  

Story of the Hawks:


Sam Adams came to Seattle in a trade to the Seahawks and while he was here he set out to build a minor league football team with one purpose in mind:  CHAMPIONSHIP.  He did just that in 3 short years.  Assembling the best athletes and coaches and sparing no expense, Sam built his team and also his resume serving as commissioner of the North American Football League.  In their first season, the Hawks made it to the NWFL playoffs only to be ousted by the Multnomah County Buccaneers 33-30 on Eastside's turf.  The following year, they reached the NWFL playoffs, this time taking the title away from the King County Jaguars. Sam would eventually be defeated by the Kane County Eagles in Orlando, FL in the NAFL championship game to end 2003.


In 2004 Sam and the Hawks would not be denied.  Accumulating more talent from around the NWFL and abroad, Eastside was virtually unstoppable with 14 points being the closest anyone would get to upsetting the "Dream Team".  Racing through the NAFL playoffs, Eastside dismantled the Central Penn Piranah to win the NAFL Championship in Orlando, FL.   The AFA would tab the Hawks as their National Football Champions and join the previous 24 title holders on the Arkush Cup.


That would be all for the NWFL Hawks as the 2005 season saw Sam set his sights on the indoor game creating the Everett Hawks and spreading the remnants of the Eastside Hawk players to the NWFL teams or wherever else they may have come from.

Photos: Milton Meyers - defensive back



News Releases:


Seattle Times June 2, 2002