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Historical Fact:

In the early days of football, scoring a touchdown was worth 4 points while kicking the ball over the goal posts (today's point-after-try) was worth 2 points.  In 1898 the touchdown was changed from 4 points to 5. In 1912 the "TD" was changed to 6 points.

Kicking a "Field Goal" was worth 5 points until a rule change in 1904 made it worth 4 points.  In 1909 it was again dropped to 3 points.


Mark Brooks of Portland is the first player in the history of Northwest football to score a touchdown in a sanctioned game.


Story reprint from:

Tacoma Morning Globe

Friday, November 27, 1891





Tacoma's Football Team Badly Defeated by Young Oregonians.


The Initiatory Game Draws an Immense Crowd at Portland


Portland, OR.,  Special Telegram to the Globe, Nov 26.  The football game today between Tacoma and Portland was a great contest, and was witnessed by 1,000 spectators.  This game marked the beginning of football in the Northwest and also demonstrated the fact that the young men were very clever athletes.  The teams were evenly matched.  The visitors won the toss and took the ball on the call of play Tyttler passed the ball to Hackes, full-back, who was quickly tackled by Savage for a loss of two yards.  On the fourth down the ball was passed to Hackes, who punted it about half way into Portland territory, where it was secured by Holt.  Kendall made a surprising dash through the Tacoma line but was well tackled by Trevette.  Holt made a pretty run around the end for twenty yards, until brought down by Hackes.  On the next down the ball was passed to Mark Brooks, who made a beautiful run of half the length of the field and obtained a touchdown.  No goal being kicked the score stood


in Portland's favor.  The ball was brought inside the twenty-five yard line and Tacoma formed a wedge, giving the ball to Trevette, who was tackled by Green.  Again it was punted by Hacker and secured by McDonnell.  The Portlands now formed a wedge and drove ahead for a gain of ten yards.  Kendall charged through the center and secured  a touchdown, which McDonnell converted into a goal.  This made a total for Portland of 10 points to Tacoma's 0.  The ball was then brought out to the center of the field and put into play by the Tacomas forming a false "V", sending McElroy around the end, when he was tackled by Fiske.  Hacker distinguished himself on the next two downs by whirling a dash through the center and afterwards by long punt, bringing the ball...(missing text)...Green and Kendall.  Hacker came to the rescue by his dangerous punt, immediately repeated the dose, and the ball was on the ten-yard line.  McElroy made a pretty dash across the field and brought the ball to the five-yard line.  Heavy bucking of the line by Hacker finally gained the destiny, a touch-down the goal being kicked by Evans.  Score 16-6 in Portland's favor.  This ended the first half.  After a ten minute's rest play was resumed with the ball in Portland's hands.  Holt covered himself with glory by making a touch-down in the extreme southwest corner goal.  Score: Portland 20 Tacoma 6.  It was Kendall's turn to cover himself in glory, which he did by making a very strong run of thirty yards, the last ten with


on his back.  On the next down Brooks secured a touch-down, but the ball was not kicked over the bar.  Score, 24 to 6, in favor of Portland.  Play began from the twenty-five yard line, the "punter" sending it forty yards.  Portland's captain sent Brooks and Green around the end for good gains.  The succeeding players were the tackles of Jack Anderson and Glisan.  Excitement again ran riot when Mark Brooks made a beautiful zig-zag run of forty yards; then followed a series of wedges in which Gavin and Glison made some strong breaks through the center.  The ball was gradually worked to within two yards of the Tacoma's goal, when a foul play by Portland gave their opponents five yards, and the danger was further relieved by Hacker's punt.  In the scrimmage near Tacoma's goal McElroy was seen emerging from the mass with the ball and a clear field.  Then followed the prettiest play  and chase of the day.  McElroy was speedy, but Brooks caught him.  A series of scrimmages worked the ball diagonally up the field from Portland's territory to Tacoma's twenty-five yard line.  Kendall again made a strong rush of twenty-five yards, and secured another touchdown, converted into a goal by McDonald.  Score, 30 to 6, in favor of the home team.  Three minutes later time was called and the game closed.