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GNFA Hall of Fame Nomination Guidines


All submissions must contain the following:


Nominee Name

List each team individually as follows:



Years Active

Head Photo/Action Photo (if possible)


Available Statistics, Newsclippings, Awards, Honors etc


Narrative about the player, history, accomplishments, community involvement, any other pertinent information the selection committee, and public profile should have.

Contact Information (Phone, Email, Current City of Residence)


Nominating person's name

Relationship to Nominee

Vouch that all statements, statistics are true to the very best of your knowledge.

(Knowingly falsifying or embellishing information to attain HOF status will result in nominee and nominator forfeiting HOF inclusion pending investigation.)


Information is to be emailed to HOF@gnfafootball.org

No reply will come from this email address.  Notification will go directly to the Nominee following voting.  Once submitted, there is no alteration possible.

Spamming of the email address will result in being blocked and banned from the nomination process.





The Hall of Fame committee consists of 7 anonymous members, unknown to each other, who receive the HOF submission from the above email address simultaneously.  Each member receives the above information as it is submitted and will make an individual determination without outside influence or "lobbying" from current, former, active or inactive players, coaches, or members of the Northwest football community.  Voting closes September 1 of  the year of induction.  Each voter may inquire about nominees to former teammates, however, they are sworn not to "lobby" publicly or through social media in an attempt to encourage or discourage other voting members or those sending in submissions.  Voting members observed "lobbying" will be removed from the committee and replaced immediately and their votes for that year rejected.  Voting members may submit a nomination via normal nomination channels, however, they cannot vote on their own nominees.


A nominee must be retired from active participation in Northwest Semi-Pro football activities for a minimum of 4 years.


The Founder* of the GNFA Hall of Fame, may ask the committee to consider a special exemption under the 4-year rule for posthumous inclusion, or other special circumstance.  The committee must vote 7-0 for this exemption.


A traditional nominee must receive 5 affirmative votes to be inducted into the GNFA Hall of Fame.

In the event of a 4-3 vote, it is the discretion of the committee to allow the Founder of the Hall of Fame to cast a single vote to reach 5.


Nominees that fail to reach the 5-vote threshold, may be resubmitted each year, so long as additional information in included.  Resubmitting identical information with no new findings will be rejected.  New information may include a letter of reference from a current Hall of Fame member in good standing with the GNFA, or letters of recommendation from opponents who competed against the nominee.



***2018 Addendum under consideration:  Public participation in the voting process.  The Founder vote, plus one additional vote, may be exchanged for a "public" membership vote.

*Possible Membership consideration:  $8.00 contribution to the GNFA Website fund (to maintain the historical archives).

*Members receive an identity code to use when sending in their vote.  2/3 of the membership voting affirmative for the nominee will win the +2 votes

(This means a 4-3 vote would become a 6-3 "fan" vote in favor of the nominee.  Less than 2/3, vote reverts back to Founder vote guidelines)

*Additional Membership considerations:  All-Region Selection voting rights.


If while reading this, you would like to vote "yes" to the Public Membership option, please email the HOF committee at the email above with the Subject Line:  FAN - YES!.




* The Founder of the GNFA Hall of Fame is Mark Meadows, a longtime player, coach, administrator and football historian who has been dedicated to researching the history of semi pro football in the Northwest and has been accumulating that information into the archives and pages of this website for teams and leagues to give the public a larger snap shot of the evolution of the greatest game on Earth.