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Key Points:

Peer Reviewed

More peer reviews than most big pharma drugs marketed today.



Search diseases and the damage caused by oxidative stress.  Protandim battles oxidative stress at the cellular level


Publicly Traded

LifeVantage is a publicly traded company (LFVN) and subject to regulatory controls








Living a better life extends beyond our playing days and LifeVantage gives us that opportunity.


We have played the game of football and learned to recognize the physical injuries to our bodies.  Knees, elbows, shoulders, backs, necks, all of the nicks and bruises take their toll and shorten our playing career, but what can you tell about your bodies cellular structure?


With everything we eat, drink, the air we breathe, the radiation from electronics, to the stresses of everyday life we are taking in chemicals that convert to free radicals in our body and wreak havoc on the cells of our liver, lungs, heart, arteries, kidneys, even our brain.  Are you feeling it?  Chances are you haven't felt a thing.  But, it's happening and it's aging us prematurely, and taking quality years away from us in the "game of life".




The LifeVantage Story

Imagine a product with the potential to change the world stuck on a retail shelf with its story untold. This was Protandim's beginning--but not its end. While Protandim sat mixed with trendy vitamins and other nutritional supplements in the retail world, a group of visionary individuals were preparing the way for Protandim's story to reach thousands of people.

Thanks to the innovative and breakthrough research of Dr. Joe McCord, Protandim had its moment of fame when it appeared on ABC "Primetime" in 2005, propelling the product and the company into the national spotlight. U.S. retail sales of Protandim boomed momentarily but the product was quickly lost again in the glut of nutraceutical products on the shelf. Although familiar with the product, retail store clerks didn't have the proper motivation or knowledge to share Protandim's full story.

David Brown, President of LifeVantage Network, recognized Protandim's potential. In a bold and daring move, he removed Protandim from retail shelves and in 2009 implemented a network marketing business method better suited to distribute Protandim and share its story. It was a new beginning for LifeVantage.

Today, LifeVantage is a burgeoning science-based nutraceutical company dedicated to helping people achieve healthy living through a combination of scientifically validated products and an attractive business opportunity. We help people become better, creating and living a legacy, and living a life of purpose by helping others improve their physical and financial health.

In a way, Protandim acts much like LifeVantage: they both help people to become better. Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer, works at the level of your DNA to help your body do what it is already programmed to do. At LifeVantage, we're working to help you become better, to maximize your potential using the traits, talents and unique genetic characteristics that make you the person you are deep inside.

Our team of dedicated professionals stands ready to help you change your life. We're with you every step of the way, supporting you as you share LifeVantage products and the LifeVantage business opportunity. We are here to help you build your team and make yourself, your life and the world better.






If you could buy stock in MicroSoft for $630 at the beginning of the company's creation would you scrape it together knowing what it would become?  Do you want the financial freedom to travel when YOU want and not when the BOSS and the BANK says you can?  Do you want just a few extra dollars each month to make that new car payment?


Of course you would, and of course you do!  That is where LifeVantage is at today.


You can become a franchise distributor for $630.  You are your own boss.  You decide how long you work and how much you earn.


Sign up 3 people to work for you as distributors as well and you earn all of the $630 investment back.  It is that simple.  What do you get for $630?  You get 12 bottles of Protandim (a years supply to take yourself, or sell individually to potential clients) and one bottle of True Science (3 month supply) and the business and marketing tools to be a success.


The more Customers you enroll, the more commission you earn.  The more distributors you enroll, the more commission you earn and it grows exponentially.


The best part, you don't have to sell or handle money.  All you have to do is show people this video:  www.abcliveit.com  then follow up with them about the product and sign them up.


But to earn your commissions you need to be registered as an Independent Distributor.


That is as easy as clicking here:  I want financial freedom! 


The choice is yours.  $630 to start your own business, be your own boss and become financially free to live the life you've dreamed of; or skip the opportunity and wonder "what if"?, just like so many others have when opportunity knocked and they stayed on the couch.


Click the link above to learn more.  There's no obligation, no risk.  Watch the videos and decide for yourself.  Do you want to live a better life?  I know my answer.  I hope you do too.



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