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"Honor Yourself, Honor the Code"





 Probation & Corrective Action List


The following list of players are prohibited from taking part in Pacific Football League (PFL) games and are ineligible for GNFA accolades or participation in GNFA events until the outstanding issues have been addressed.  Teams utilizing the services of the players while they are on Corrective Action may be denied the opportunity to participate in PFL/GNFA events in the future.




2012 Ejections/Suspensions



If you are on this list and have addressed this issue, Step 1 is to contact the team in question and clear the situation up.  Step 2 is to contact the respective league and have them send the GNFA a release request from the corrective action list.  Once the release request is received either by the team or the reporting party of the team in question, the GNFA will remove your name from the list.


PFL Contact: Heath Wharton


WFL Contact: Ian Ashley


WWFA Contact:  Juan Cuellar