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  Seattle Stallions (2006 - 2010)



Years of Operation: 2006 - 2010


Overall Record:  42-7


First Game: Apr 1 vs Skagit Valley Lightning


First Win: Apr 1 vs Skagit Valley Lightning


Final Game:


League Affiliation:  

Pacific Northwest Football Conference (2006)

Northwest Football League (2007 - 2008)

Cascade Football League (2009-10)

Western Washington Football Association (2010)


Team Headquarters: Kirkland, WA

Owner: Alex Lewis (2006-07) Randall Dressen (2008-10)


General Manager: Randall Dressen


Coaches: Merle Davis (HC 2006, 08-10) Deke Devers (HC 2007); Doug Parish (LB)


Home Field(s): Juanita HS, Chief Sealth HS, Ingraham HS


Titles Won

2006 PNFC North Division Champions

2006 Pacific Northwest Conference Champions

2006 Cascade Bowl I Champions

2006 FWFA Northwest Champions

2010 WWFA Champions





Merle Davis, 2006 MLFN Coach of the Year (Far West)

DeAngelo Edwards, 2007 NWFL Offensive Rookie OTY

L. Wallace, 2008 NWFL Offensive Rookie OTY

Justin Miller, 2008 NWFL Special Teams Rookie OTY

John Stewart, QB Cascade Bowl Player of the Game



Kenneth Jackson, QB (2007 NWFL Hon Men; 2008 Hon Men)

Ishmael Littleton, FB (2007 NWFL Hon Men); LB (2007 NWFL 2nd)

Daunte Barnett, TE (2007 NWFL Hon Men)

Chance Savage, TE (2007 NWFL 2nd)

Vik Tuli, C (2007 NWFL 2nd)

Pat Gilbert, C (2007 NWFL 3rd; 2009-CFL 1st)

Keith Jones, OG (2007 NWFL 1st; 2008 1st)

Larry Fowler, OT (2007 NWFL 1st; 2008 1st; 2009-CFL 2nd)

Brandon Reyna, OT (2007 NWFL 1st; 2008 2nd)

De'Sean Quinn, DT (2007 NWFL 2nd; 2008 3rd)

Jackie Brown, DE (2007 NWFL 3rd)

Anthony Young, LB (2007 NWFL Hon Men)

Preston Grant, FS (2007 NWFL 3rd)

Chris Martin, CB (2007 NWFL Hon Men; 2009 CFL 1st)

Brad Chappell, RB (2008 NWFL Hon Men)

Jeff Freeman, FB (2008 NWFL Hon Men; 2009-CFL 1st)

Carlos Clark, WR (2008 NWFL 2nd; 2009-CFL 2nd) FS (2008 3rd) PR (2008 NWFL 2nd)

Alex Lewis, TE (2008 NWFL Hon Men)

Justin Miller, PK (2008 NWFL 2nd) P (2008 2nd; 2009-CFL 1st)

Siosifa Vave, DT (2008 NWFL 2nd; 2009-CFL 1st)

William Craig, DT (2008 NWFL Hon Men)

Washington Mose, DT (2008 NWFL Hon Men)

Robert Brown, MLB/TE (2008 NWFL Hon Men; 2009-CFL 1st)

Cornelius Winesberry, LB (2008 NWFL Hon Men)

Lenny Haynes, CB (2008 NWFL Hon Men)

Nick Caldwell, LS (2008 NWFL 1st)

L. Wallace, PR/WR (2008 NWFL Hon Men; 2009-CFL 1st)

Leo Dickerson, QB (2009 CFL 1st)

Ray Hanna, TE (2009-CFL 2nd)

Richard Knutson, OL (2009-CFL 2nd)

Toby Smith, LB (2009-CFL 2nd)

Ryan Laskay, DL (2009-CFL 2nd)


EJ Ash, RB 2006 MLFN 1st

Larry Fowler, OT 2006 MLFN 1st

Anthony Gaynes, DE 2006 MLFN 1st

Pat Gilbert, DT 2006 MLFN 1st

Keaka Frank, LB 2006 MLFN 1st

Carlos Clark, DB 2006 MLFN 2nd

Chance Savage, DE 2006 MLFN 2nd; 2008 NFE 1st

Keith Jones, OG 2006 MLFN 2nd

Washington Mose, DT 2006 MLFN 2nd

Deno Williams, DB 2006 MLFN 2nd

Andre Zahaijko, PK 2006 MLFN Hon Men

Jon Hammersmark, OT 2006 MLFN Hon Men

Nick Caldwell, LB 2006 MLFN Hon Men

Josh Girello, DB 2006 MLFN Hon Men

De'Sean Quinn, DE 2006 MLFN Hon Men




(2006 Helmet)


The Seattle Stallions were founded in 2005 by owner and President Alex Lewis.  Merle Davis was named the Stallions Head Coach and later Randy Dressen was named Stallions General Manager. In the spring of 2006 the Stallions played their inaugural season in the newly formed Pacific Northwest Football Conference (PNFC) where they ended the season with a perfect 11-0 record, won the PNFC Championship and won the first Cascade Cup Championship by defeating the EFL's Tri Cities Knights 47-27 in Kennewick rallied by the game MVP performance of QB John Stewart.  (Stewart's only game as a Stallion).  At the end of the 2006 season Davis stepped down as the Stallions Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Deke Devers was named the Stallions Head Coach and the Stallions joined the Northwest Football League (NWFL) where they went 6-3 for the season, losing by just a single point to the Oregon Thunderbolts in the second round of the NWFL Playoffs. 


Starting 2008 saw the return of Merle Davis to the head coaching position and Devers went to coach with the newly formed Puget Sound Titans.  Expectations were high following the signing of former PAC-10 running back Shelton Sampson, however the Stallions still could not get over the hump losing to the Thunderbolts by 3 points in the playoffs and finishing 7-3.


During the off-season, new owner and GM Randy Dressen decided to take the Stallions out of the Northwest Football League and join the Cascade Football League where they found very little competition in the lower tier league during the regular season.


In the playoffs, a no show by the Stallions officiating crew caused a stir when the game was delayed  an hour and a half while replacement officials were rounded up and then the lights went out with over 8 minutes to play.  The Tacoma Warriors protested and demanded a replay of the game the following week then changed their minds on Friday the 7th opting to take the result of the game.  In the championship all eyes were on the Stallions to win the crown, but the Ravens stepped up and shocked the CFL with a 27-13 victory ending the Stallions perfect run and denying Seattle a 2nd Championship in 4 seasons.


As the 2010 season kicked off it looked like the Stallions and Ravens may be on another collision course for a CFL title, but a shakeup and eventual defection of teams from the CFL to the newly formed Western Washington Football Association sent the Stallions to their fourth league in five years.  The Ravens fell apart with the departure of players to the Tacoma Cobras and the Stallions went unopposed through the WWFA handily defeating the hapless Invaders 57-0 in the title game for the Stallions first league championship since the 2006 PNFC title.


The Stallions run for a championship in Vegas was halted when a brawl broke out between Seattle and Summerlin and officials called a halt to the game in the third quarter leading the Bucs.


Following the season, Doc Dreesen announced that the Stallions would shut down operations for the 2011 season.


2006 Schedule/Results (10-0):


Apr 1 @ Skagit Valley Lightning 36-12
Apr 8 Northwest Avalanche 27-0
Apr 15 Olympic Peninsula Eagles 32-0
Apr 22 @ Eugene Dragons 64-2
Apr 29 Pierce County Knights 35-0
May 6 Skagit Valley Lightning W FFT
May 13 @ Northwest Avalanche 38-23
May 20 @ Olympic Peninsula Eagles 60-14
June 3 Pierce County Knights* 42-0
June 17 @ South Sound Shockers** 12-7
July 8 @ Tri City Knights # 47-27
Dec 9 @ Glendale Rangers % L FFT
2007 Schedule/Results (6-3):  
June 16 Multnomah County Buccaneers 28-0
June 23 @ Washington Cavaliers 35-6
June 30 @ King County Jaguars 0-34
July 14 @ Renton Ravens 16-6
July 21 Snohomish County Vikings 18-3
July 28 @ Multnomah County Buccaneers W FFT
Aug 4 West Sound Saints 46-6
Aug 11 Pierce County Bengals 21-19
Aug 18 Oregon Thunderbolts 14-21
Sept 8 Oregon Thunderbolts ^ 22-23
2008 Schedule/Results (7-3):  
June 7 Willamette Valley Raiders 17-12
June 14 @ Pierce County Bengals 16-6
June 21 Puget Sound Titans 16-23
June 28 @ Snohomish County Vikings 41-0
July 12 @ Renton Ravens 42-0
July 19 Washington Cavaliers 32-8
July 26 @ Oregon Thunderbolts 9-7
Aug 2 @ Puget Sound Titans 14-27
Aug 9 Snohomish County Vikings L FFT
Aug 16 Renton Ravens 16-8
Aug 23 Oregon Thunderbolts ^ 13-16
2009 Schedule/Results (9-1):  
May 2 @ Snohomish County Thunder 49-0
May 9 @ Olympia Peninsula Eagles 77-0
May 16 - Puget Sound Pirates 69-0
May 30 - Tacoma Warriors 54-12
June 6 @ Tacoma Invaders 42-0
June 20 @ South King County Colts 21-6
July 11 @ Kitsap County Bears 30-13
July 18 - Renton Ravens 40-13
Aug 1 - Tacoma Warriors $ (protested) 56-22
Aug 8 - Renton Ravens * 13-27
2010 Schedule/Results (10-0):  
May 1 - Olympic Peninsula Eagles 48-7
May 8 - Pacific Northwest Wildcats 70-13
May 15 @ Renton Ravens 35-0
June 5 - Northwest Terminators 28-18
June 12 @ Snohomish County Vikings W FFT
June 19 @ Pacific Northwest Wildcats cancel
June 26 - Tacoma Invaders 62-0
July 10 - South King County Colts 46-7
July 17 @ Snohomish County Thunder 72-8
July 31 - Renton Ravens $ 54-8
Aug 7 - Tacoma Invaders + 57-0
Sept 18 @ Las Vegas Buccaneers % 23-6*
 * Game called in 3rd Qtr after brawl
* PNFC Playoffs  
** PNFC Championship  
# Cascade Bowl  
% FWFA Championship in Las Vegas, NV  
^ NWFL Playoffs  
$ CFL/WWFA Playoffs  
+ CFL/WWFA Championship  





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