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1891 -2018



"Century Ago:  Rose Bowl Bound"

Camp Lewis 91st vs Mare Island

100 years ago, with the club and collegiate teams losing their players to war mobilization, the Military teams took center stage, and Camp Lewis, now Joint Base Lewis McChord, sent a contingent of soldiers to Pasadena to play in the Rose Bowl on January 1, 1918.  Ernest Romney (1917 Player of the Year) and Douglas McKay led the charge.
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Kings win shootout over Raiders

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In the 1930's, the forward pass was just gaining popularity, but the main name of the game was straight "line bucks" and scrums at the line of scrimmage.  Therefore, many games ended in 0-0 ties, especially on muddy fields.  A "California" rule was adopted for use in some of these games where a clear winner had to be declared.  This rule was for the teams to take 5 alternating plays and the yardage gained accounted for, right down to the foot.  After those 5 plays, the team gaining the most yardage was declared the winner.  Officials had to be "on the ball" to make sure no shenanigans occured in between plays which might swing the total by a few inches one way or the other.  In these days, the winner may be taking 60% of the gate, and with attendence being upwards of 2000 fans, 20% was a big deal.  Not to mention the side bets and "trophies" obtained by the winners.

Record Watch


John Kennedy Russ Schneider
Scranton Eagles Portland
1983-2005 2008-2016
Career Touchdown Passes
377 462
Career Passing Yards
38,645 32,770
Career: Comp/Attempts/%
2563/5016/ 51.1 2032/3572/ 56.9

  John Kennedy is the recognized King of the Semi Pro Record books after 22 seasons with the Scranton Eagles.  Schneider is on pace to shatter Kennedy's records in half the time.


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Tri County Vigilantes @ Billings Xtreme

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Kitsap County Storm 0 Washington County Pitbulls 22

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GNFA Champions

2018 TBD ( - )

2017 Puyallup Nation Kings (11-0) 

2016 Portland Raiders (11-1)

2015 Seattle Stallions (12-1)

2014 Portland Raiders (12-1)

2013 Bellingham Bulldogs (11-2)

2012 Portland Monarchs (11-0)

2011 Kitsap Bears (13-1)

2010 Portland Monarchs (13-0)

2009 Portland Monarchs (12-0)

2008 Oregon Monarchs (10-2)

2007 Blue Mountain Stars (13-0)

2006 Cascade Bowl Championship:

"Introduction of the GNFA"

10-0 Seattle Stallions (PNFC Champs) 47

8-3 Tri City Knights (EFL Champs)     27

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Sep 9, 1939 Ad - Butte, MT
Montana Butte Standard

A legend who dipped his toes in the semi-pros in Spokane and became an NFL Hall of Famer.