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1891 -2017




Will Schneider Be Best of All-Time?


John Kennedy Russ Schneider
Scranton Eagles Monarchs/B-shirts
1983-2005 2008-2014
Career Touchdown Passes
377 371
Career Passing Yards
38,645 26,314
Career: Comp/Attempts/%
2563/5016/ 51.1 1585/2824/ 56.0

  John Kennedy is the recognized King of the Semi Pro Record books after 22 seasons with the Scranton Eagles.  Schneider is on pace to shatter Kennedy's records in half the time.


Congratulations to all those added to the all-time records list!


2017 Rankings

1 Portland Raiders
2 Puyallup Nation Kings
3 Bellingham Bulldogs
4 Wenatchee Valley Rams
5 South Lane Buzzards
6 South'n Oregon Renegades
7 Renton Ravens
8 Tri City Rage
9 Yakima Mavericks
10 Snohomish Co Vikings
11 Portland Pitbulls
12 Pierce County Bengals
13 Grays Harbor Bearcats
14 Spokane Wolfpack
15 South Sound Nighthawks
16 Thurston County Mayhem
17 South King Outlaws
18 Kitsap Storm
19 Arlington Grizzlies
20 Washington Raptors
21 Washington Cavaliers
22 Cowlitz Cobras

2017 Marks Changes to GNFA Mission

With the dawn of the new year, 2017 will see a renewed shift in the GNFA for record keeping and historical integrity and accuracy.  In previous years, the GNFA has been asked to be a "governing body" of sorts for the Northwest region and act as a non-partisan voice for inter-league disputes and player issues.  Due to the lack of fundamental cooperation between leagues and drop offs in basic communication, the GNFA will not take on that role for 2017.  Instead, the focus shall be on the players of the past and present.  The greats of the region will be discussed, immortalized in the Hall of Fame, and the current players will be acknowledged for their efforts on and off the field.  The GNFA will offer player memberships which will recognize them as members of a brotherhood and open doors to a greater voice within the community.  Awards, such as the All-Region team will return with assistance from volunteers from around the region, watching and noting the play of those deserving of honors.  Alumni of the region will not be forgotten, and neither will their accomplishments.  They too will have a role going forward if they so desire, through Hall of Fame balloting and submission of nominees.  The strength of the GNFA will come from those who put the most work, time and effort into their dreams.  Here's to the close of the 2016 season and the dawning of another historic season of football in the Pacific Northwest!

A legend who dipped his toes in the semi-pros in Spokane and became an NFL Hall of Famer.
Latest Scores:

Puyallup Nation Kings 41
Colorado Cougars 6
Rocky Mountain Bowl
Lakewood, CO




GNFA Championships

2017 GNFA Champion:

2016 GNFA Champion:

Portland Raiders (11-1)

2015 GNFA Champion:

Seattle Stallions (12-1)

2014 GNFA Champion:

Portland Raiders (12-1)

2013 GNFA Champion:

Bellingham Bulldogs (11-2)

2012 GNFA Champion:

Portland Monarchs (11-0)

2011 GNFA Champions:

Kitsap Bears (13-1)

2010 GNFA Champion:

Portland Monarchs (13-0)

2009 GNFA Champion:

Portland Monarchs (12-0)

2008 GNFA Champion:

Oregon Monarchs (10-2)

2007 GNFA Champion:

Blue Mountain Stars (13-0)

2006 Cascade Bowl Championship:

10-0 Seattle Stallions (PNFC Champs) 47

8-3 Tri City Knights (EFL Champs)     27

"Introduction of the GNFA"

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