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  Port Townsend Athletic Club "Cougars" (1893- 1901)


Years of Operation: 1893 -1901


Overall Record


First Game: Oct 7, 1893 vs Seattle Athletic Club


First Win:


Final Game:

League Affiliation:  

North Pacific Amateur Association (1894)

Pacific Northwest Amateur Athletic Union (1895)




Team Headquarters:



General Manager: P.C. Peterson (1904)


Coaches:  C. H. Smith; Winslow McCurdy (1904)


Home Field(s):

Titles Won



1893 Schedule/Results (0-2-1):







The Port Townsend Athletic Club formed and began play in October of 1893. Their first game against the Seattle Athletic Club was a 40-0 whitewashing, but in the P.T.A.A. defense, only 2 players had ever played football or seen a game played.


Following the Dec 27, 1893 game with Stanford, Ben DeLanty and Carl Lively received offers to attend Stanford to play football with all expenses paid by the school.


The 1895 edition of the Townsends was one that Captain C. H. Smith indicated he would battle and beat everyone with.  Apparently Seattle took notice after being defeated on Nov 28.  With a championship in their sights, the Townsends cried foul in the rematch when Seattle used players whom they considered professionals.  "Men who are not members of the athletic club, pay no dues, and were unemployed and receiving payments from the club to continue playing, and we have documented proof".  They also claimed a special referee was brought in from the navy ship Philadelphia was "well schooled" on how the game should end up.  The protest was filed and they even threatened to go to court to prevent the upcoming game between Seattle and Multnomah from happening which was to determine the Northwest championship.  the M's took note and did not show for the scheduled game.  Seattle claimed the cup and the championship in spite of the Townsends who had defeated Seattle earlier and defeated Multnomah on Dec 25.


In Sept of 1904, the Townsend team was resurrected by P.C. Peterson and practices were planned with an Oct 15 season opener scheduled with Fort Flagler.


1904 Players:

H.C. Hill

J.H. Wilkenson

Oct 7 - Seattle Athletic Club

Nov 25 @ University of Washington 6-6
Dec @ Multnomah Athletic Club  
Dec 25 - Tacoma Athletic Club Cancel
Dec 27 - Stanford University 0-50
1894 Schedule/Results (1-1-1):  
Oct 13 @ University of Washington 14-14
Nov 3 - Seattle Athletic Club 0-8
Nov 29 - Puget Sound University 48-0
Jan 1, 1895 Portland A.C.  
1895 Schedule/Results (3-1):  
Nov 2 @ Seattle Athletic Club 16-0
Nov 28 @ Seattle Athletic Club 0-16
Dec 5 - Tacoma Athletic Club 26-0
Dec 25 @ Multnomah Athletic Club 6-0
1896 Schedule/Results (3-1):  
Nov 14, 1896 @ University of Washington 18-0
1899 Schedule/Results (3-1):  
Oct 28, 1899 @ University of Washington 11-0
1901 Schedule/Results (3-1):  
Nov 9, 1901 @ University of Washington 0-10
1904 Schedule/Results ():  
Oct 15 - Fort Flagler  
Company K (Everett)  
@ Company K (Everett)  
Oct 20, 1906 @ University of Washington 10-10







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