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  USS Pennsylvania (1915 - 1948)

Coaches Lambert, Col Emery E. Larson, and Bamberder

Years of Operation: 1915-1948


Overall Record


First Game:


First Win:


Final Game:


League Affiliation:  




Team Headquarters:

United States Naval Bases

Owner: United States Navy


General Manager:


Coaches: Lt. Harrison (1919); Col Emery E. Larson (1935-36)


Home Field(s):

Titles Won


1919 North Atlantic Division Champions

1935 Fleet Marine Champions

1935 Battle Fleet Champions

1936 Fleet Marine Champions










The “Pennsylvania” was the flagship of the fleet and was tied up at the main dock in Pearl Harbor.


The 1941 Fleet Championship was slated for 1 PM...but world history changed that as the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in the early morning hours.


The ship was torpedoed in Buckner Bay and after patching the hole limped into Puget Sound Navy Yard on Oct 24, 1945.


The following is an excerpt from "Pearl Harbor: A Crow's Nest Vantage Point"


Dressed in his football pads and uniform, Michael “Mickey” Ganitch was ready to play one of the many football games he and other sailors from his ship, the USS Pennsylvania, participated in regularly. They had a winning record, having only lost one game. The date was December 7, 1941, and they were scheduled to leave the ship at 08:00 am to play the 13:00 (1pm) game with the team from the USS Arizona for the Fleet Football Championship. No one could have imagined what happened next.

Mickey Ganitch, Mogadore School Class of 1937, All-County Football team stood out (at only 172 pounds), left Ohio in 1939 after working for the WPA. He went to California looking for work but found scarce work there too. So he did as many other men did; he joined the Navy. It was January 1941. He had no idea what trade he would like to pursue in the Navy; after all, he was a small town boy from Ohio, raised on a farm. So the Navy tested him. He had always been a good student and placed high on the Navy tests. An instructor asked him how he would like to steer a big ship under the Golden Gate Bridge. The largest boat Mickey had ever seen was a ferry boat, so this sounded exciting to him.


The football game was never played. Later, Mickey learned when he came home to Ohio on leave in 1942, one of his neighbors (who went to a different school) was on the Arizona and is still on it. If the game had been played, they would have played against each other as they played the same position and had done so in high school football games.



1917 Schedule/Results (0-1):

1919 Schedule/Results (3-0):  
Oct 11 @ New York College Aggies 29-7
Oct 15 @ Camp Mills (Garden City) 33-0
 - USS Arizona W
Nov 8 - USS Utah * 34-0
   * North Atlantic Division Championship  
Nov 27 -  Hampton Roads Naval TS** 13-27
   ** Eastern Naval Championship  
1920 Schedule/Results (3-1):  
Oct 2 @ New York University 0-46
 - New York College Aggies 34-0
1935 Schedule/Results (0-1):  
Dec 28 - USS Arizona * (Bremerton, WA) 13-8
   * Battle Fleet Championship  
1940 Schedule/Results (0-1):  
 Nov 3 @ West Seattle Yellowjackets 0-30
1941 Schedule/Results (0-1):  
Dec 7 - USS Arizona * cancel
  * Fleet Championship  



1935 Championship Team

1935 Championship Team



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