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  British Columbia Chargers (1970 - 1973)


Years of Operation: 1970-1973


Overall Record


First Game: Aug 29, 1970 vs Seattle Cavaliers


First Win:


Final Game:

League Affiliation:  

Independent (1970)

Northwest International Football League (1971-73)



Team Headquarters:


China Creek Park, 1155 E. Broadway St

Vancouver 12, British Columbia


Owner: Robert "Bobby" Davis


General Manager: Don Bellamy Jr.

Assistant GM: Anthony E. Grippo

Photographer: John Marchi

Trainers: Sandy Bates, Don Saari, Ken Hall, Reuben Bird

Stats: Michael Westman


Coaches: Hal Stedham (HC-1970); Doug Souter (Line 1970); Lovell Colman (HC-1971)


Home Field(s):

Titles Won








The Chargers were formed in 1970 by Bobby Davis and Don Bellamy Jr. as an independent "professional" football team in hopes of joining the Continental Football League which went under before the Chargers had the chance to petition.


On Aug 22, they announced the signing of ex-CFL (Hamilton Tiger-Cat and Edmonton Eskimo) offensive tackle Warren Desadier.  Desadier, released by the BC Lions two weeks prior would leave Oregon to suit for the Aug 29 game with the Seattle Cavaliers.


The team:


CB/LB Don Bellamy Jr.

G John Pastro             TB Jones Dyson

T Doug Kazakoff        C Derek Penman

G Bruce Armstrong    T Bryan Murphy

QB Paul Grey              DB Dave Gracie

HB Peter Werry          CB Billy Robinson

FB Zoltan Sarkozy      TB/P Ron Mackie

FL Major Stevenson   QB Marv Schrier

LB/G Bobby Davis      K Metro Gerela

C/LB Charlie Duke     OT Stan Ciok

DT Dave Flood           G Bobby Diachuk

E Johnny Helms         E Jimmy Sikma

HB Bruce Hicks          TB Bobby Reezy

T Bobby Meneice      Gary Learmonth

LB Merv Killoran

E Henry Roach

TB Billy Taylor

TB Jimmy Pannell

TB Ken Vogt

DE Ted Klassen



In '71 the Chargers raced to a 10-3 record and runner-up spot in the NWIFL only to be blasted by the Bramalea Satellites of the Ontario Rugby Football Union Senior League 45-6 in what was billed as the Canadian Senior League National Championship game.  BC fumbled on the first play of the game to set the tone.  Bruce Cawdell was a TE signee at 6'4" 265.


The Chargers were split into 2 teams in 1972 when the Burnaby Barons were formed and it was a bad split for the Chargers who became bottom-dwellers of the NIFL.



Bob Ryder missed an extra point and let the game slip away 13-14 to the Burien Flyers in Aug, 1973.  Denis Kelly dove in for the first score then tossed the second to Jack Reiter.  Kelly quit the team before the game with Burnaby a week later.  Jim Smith took over at QB and scored the only TD in the loss to the Barons.


Bob Ryder hit 3 field goals to give the Chargers a 9-6 halftime lead over Whatcom, but Rick Jones scored twice to lead the Lakers to a 22-9 victory.




1970 Schedule/Results (1-0):

Aug 29 - Seattle Cavaliers


Sept 5 - Everett Ramblers  
Sept 13 @ Simon Fraser University  
Sept 19 @ Monroe State Reformatory  
Sept 27 - University of British Columbia  
Oct 4 @ Everett Ramblers  
Oct 11 - Seattle Cavaliers  
Oct 17 @ Monroe State Reformatory  
Oct 24 - University of British Columbia JVs  
Nov 1 - Simon Fraser University  
Nov 8 - Everett Ramblers  
Nov 15 - Seattle Cavaliers  
1971 Schedule/Results (10-4):  
Sep 19 - Seattle Cavaliers 14-25
Nov 13 - Seattle Cavaliers 14-6
Nov 27 - Bramalea Satellites * 6-45
  * Canadian Senior League Championship  
1972 Schedule/Results (0-2):  
Aug - Kirkland Bulldogs 7-23
Sep 16 - Seattle Cavaliers 0-26
1973 Schedule/Results (0-1):  
Aug 18 @ Kirkland Bulldogs 0-23
Aug 25 - Sea-Tac Flyers 13-14
Sep 1 - Burnaby Barons 6-20
Sep 8 @ Pierce County Bengals Cancel
Sep 15 - Whatcom County Lakers 9-22
Sep 29 @ Pierce County Bengals L FFT
Nov 10 @ Pierce County Bengals 0-30







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