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1891: First Game Ever Played


1988: Seattle All-Stars in Hong Kong



Fast Facts:


Hugh Edward Langston was the first football player in the Northwest to die a football related death.  Langston died after being injured at his home practicing for an upcoming game for the Seattle Athletic Club on Oct 28, 1893. He was 21.



Two football leagues existed in the 1940's commonly mistaken for "semi-pro" leagues.  The Field House Football League was in fact a 16-years old maximum and under 135lbs league.  The Boys Club Football which included teams like the Seattle Associated Boys Club, Wallingford, Ballard and Arbor Heights were for players under the age of 19 and were not high school letterwinners.  They did play teams like the Seattle Ramblers who were legit men's teams (athletic club teams) or semi pro teams.



West Seattle residents voted former Yellowjacket star Thurle Thonton as the Greatest Athlete of the Half-Century on Dec 14, 1950.  A trophy awarded to the best all-around athlete bore Thornton's name for many years.

Elmo Hudgens Memorial Trophy

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What ever happened to:

The West Seattle Yellowjackets?

The Yellowjackets, one of the most dominant pre-war amateur teams in the Northwest running from the 1920's to 1941 became the centerpiece in Seattle's move for "professional" sports. With the number of teams collapsed due to the war, businessmen went to work in scooping up players and building "pro" teams to compete with the surging NFL and later AFL teams in the east.  The first professional version of the Yellowjackets came in the form of the Seattle Shipbuilders of the 1942 War Industries League, that team, infused with sponsor money from the booming Isaacson Iron Company became the Seattle Ironworkers or Steelers in some circles of 1943.

Courted by the American Football League (a California-based venture) the team then became the Seattle Bombers of 1944.  This lasted only one year as Al Davies and Jimmy Mandas battled in court over ownership of the team which would sit out the 1945 season.  By 1946 Davies emerged victorious and moved the team to Tacoma and the "Indians" were born as part of the Pacific Coast Professional Football League.  This team again only lasted one year and many of the players found their way towards a 1947 semi pro team called the Rainier Beach Ramblers...eventually named the Seattle Ramblers.  The Ramblers would prove a stable home for nearly 15 years until the death of team originator Dick Barnes and the next incarnation of "professional" football spearheaded by Lafa Lane in 1964 who was in search of a pro  franchise for Seattle.  This team would begin as the Edmonds Warriors and eventually become the Seattle Rangers of the 1966-69 Continental Football League.  After the collapse of the Continental League prior to the 1970 season, no pro football league would make a legitimate play at competing against the NFL and semi pro went into its darkest days.  Those players still hanging on would catch on with teams like the Seattle Cavaliers in the early 70's and the Pierce County Bengals in the late 70's and early 80's, then the Auburn Panthers of the mid-80's.  But by now the demographics of the teams was nothing like the original West Seattle Yellowjackets.  No longer was the top team in the region populated with recent stars from the University of Washington, now they were populated with a few junior college athletes and a majority of high school players who skipped going to college.

Over a span of some 60+ years the minor league football scene went from a purely amateur sport as mandated by membership in the West Seattle Athletic club with throngs of fanatical supporters traveling by the thousands to support their team, to repeated incarnations of "Professional" teams doted with local collegiate stars still available during the war years.  But the professional would give way again to the amateur when leagues collapsed under the weight of rising transportation costs and dwindling gate proceeds as the NFL and AFL signed the best collegians and left the semi pros to pick through the scraps. 

The lure of a pay day has never left the game as every few years the amateurs are courted by someone with professional dreams only to have them dashed back to the real world of amateur football leaving it a little worse off than it was before each time.

Seattle finally got it's pro team in 1976 thus ending any need to talk about a pro franchise, but nonetheless, no fewer than five "pro" leagues have tried to form in the Northwest since '76 and all have failed leaving the communities that had their hopes dashed as the stadium lights went out, angry, frustrated and indifferent to the minor league teams that today dot the landscape of the Northwest.  Those promises of profit sharing, stock shares of community teams, and local non-profits having their operating funds swelled with donations from the teams and leagues never materialized and the blueprint would be tossed away only to be be picked up a decade later, dusted off and a new spin put on it and the process repeated once more.

Minor league football was community-based football in it's heydays where a city like Issaquah could gush with pride for their local team because they knew the team personally and could trust it would be there when they woke up Sunday morning.  The players weren't filled with unrealistic or grandiose dreams of being professionals, they were playing a game they loved, with teammates they enjoyed the game with.   The amateur game is a delicate symbiotic relationship between a community and the reality of what minor league football is.  When that balance is achieved, teams last for decades with thousands watching and remembering the fun under the lights.  When it's not, teams flame out quickly, sportswriters pen stories reminding the community of the last horrible group to try to make a buck off of the naive townspeople and college players scoff at playing "sandlot" football.

1906 was a year of significant change to football.  The rules of the game expanded the yardage to be made for a first down from 5 to 10 years, and athletes were "Athertonized" being forced to choose between Club team, and collegiate team.  No longer could they play for both teams in the same season.  This led to many college stars being declared ineligible by the AAU, then the governing body of amatuer sports in college.


This section is currently under research and subject to change as more facts are uncovered.


Documented Leagues- (Years of Operation)

    Pacific Northwest Football League

Pacific Football League

(2011- Present)

Western Washington Football Alliance (2010-Present)

Professional Developmental Football League

(2009-2011; 2013) $$

Washington Football League


Next Level Football League


North American Football League Northwest Division


Cascade Football League


Pacific Northwest Conference (2006-2007)

Evergreen Football League


Inland Northwest League


North American Football League Big Sky Division


Northwest Football League

(1998- 2008; 2010)

Oregon Football League


Rocky Mountain Football League


Montana Football League


Pacific Football League


InterMountain Football League

(1993 - 1996)

Professional Spring Football League (1992)

Amateur Developmental Football League (1991)

Minor League Football System (1989-1990)

Northwest Football League


Northwest Football Alliance


Northwest Professional Football League (1981)

Pacific Northwest Football League (1980)

Northwest International League (1971-1980)

Pacific Football League

(1966)  $$

Continental Football League

(1965-1969)  $$

North Pacific Football League

(1962 - 1965)

Montana Independent League
175lb Northwest Football League (1948-49)

Canadian Senior Football League


Pacifc Coast Service League

American Professional Football League  (1944) $$

Pacific Coast Professional Football League (1945-1948) $$

Northwest War Industries Football League


Washington Independent League


Fort Lewis Service League



Northwest Service League



Olympic Peninsula Service League



160lb Football League

(1936 -1947)

Northwest Amateur Football League


Seattle Community League


Seattle Independent League


Butte Independent League

Camp Lewis Service League



Spokane City League


Pacific Northwest Association (1892 - 1914)





Apple Valley Bucks


Atlantic Street Merchants


Auburn Panthers


Ballard Community Club


Bellevue/Eastside Express


Bellingham Bell-Jets


Bellingham Blitz


Bellingham Bulldogs


Bellingham Eagles


Bellingham Steamrollers


Blue Mountain/Walla Walla Stars (2004-2009)

Boeing Aero Mechanics



Bothell Bulldogs


Burien/Sea Tac Flyers


Burlington Raiders



Bremerton All-Stars/Kitsap AC

(1926 - 1931)

Bremerton Destroyers


Bremerton Mountaineers


Bremerton Navy Yellowjackets

Bremerton Red Raiders


Bremerton Rockets


Broadway Athletic Club


Brown's Pharmacy Browns



Camp Deception Pass CCC


Camp Elma CCC


Camp George CCC


Cape George


Central Washington Lobos



Clark County Yellowjackets


Columbia Basin Riverhawks


Columbia Cougars


Colville Indians

Cowlitz County Cavaliers



Eastside Chiefs

(1995 - 2001)

Eastside Panthers


Eastside Hawks


Eastside/Cascade Xtreme


Edmonds Chargers


Edmonds Warriors


Ellensburg Town Team


Enumclaw Silver Barons



Everett/Snohomish Co. Ramblers


Everett Tramps



Everett Wildcats

(1930-1934; 1965-1967)

Federal Way 49ers



Grays Harbor Bearcats


Grays Harbor Loggers/Indians



Happy Peppy Brewers/South End



Issaquah Athletic Club

Issaquah Firemen/Alpines


Italian Athletic Club


Japanese Taiyo's Athletic Club


Jefferson Park Athletic Club



Kent Athletic Club

Kettle Falls

King County Jaguars


King County/Pacific Coast Vikings


Kirkland/Eastside/Seattle Bulldogs


Kitsap County Bears


Kitsap County Chiefs


Kitsap County Kings


Kitsap County Pioneers


Kootenai County Eagles


Lakewood Wolves


Lewis County Pythons


  Lynwood-Edmonds Lions

Moses Lake Bulls


Moses Lake Stallions



Nettleton-Baldwin Lumber Company

New York Bakery


Nippon Athletic Club


Nisie Vets

North King County/

Pacific Northwest/

Westside Wildcats

(2008-2010; 2012)

Northwest (WA) Avalanche


Northwest Storm



Oak Harbor Athletic Club

Okanogan County Commandos


Olympia Senators/Shamrocks


Olympic Peninsula Eagles


Palouse/Hells Canyon Thunder


Pierce County Bengals


Pierce County Bengals


Pierce County Knights


Plateau Nightmare


Port Angeles Bonecrushers



Port Townsend Athletic Club


Port Townsend Cougars



Puget Sound/Tacoma Invaders (2007-Present)

Puget Sound/Federal Way/Emerald City Jets (1990-2002)

Puget Sound Kings


Puget Sound Knights


Puget Sound Pirates



Puget Sound/Kent Sharks


Puget Sound Titans


 Rainier Avalanche


Rainier Valley Athletic Club



Renton Chiefs

Renton Rams


Renton Ravens



Seattle Athletic Club 


Seattle Blue Devils

Seattle Bombers

(1944) $$

  Seattle Cavaliers

Seattle/Tacoma Express


Seattle Ironworkers



Seattle/Rainier Beach AC Ramblers


Seattle Rangers

(1966-1969)  $$

Seattle Shipbuilders


Seattle Stallions

(2006-2010; 2012-2013)

Seattle Titans

Shelton/Mason County Grizzlies


Skagit County Crusaders



Skagit Valley Lightning/North Sound Sting (2006- 2010)

Skagit Valley Raiders


Sky Valley/Snohomish County Vikings

Sno-King Blue Knights


Snohomish County Roughriders

Snohomish County Thunder


  Sodality Athletic Club

South King County Colts


South King County Lions


South Kitsap Blue Devils


South Sound Shockers


Spanaway/Puget Sound Outlaws


Spokane Athletic Club


Spokane Expos


Spokane Fury


Spokane Golden Hawks


Spokane Independents


Spokane Manlowes



Spokane Nightmare


Spokane Rams/Athletics


Spokane Sabercats


Spokane Shockers

(1968-1969) $$


Spokane Valley Olympics


Spokane Volunteers


Spokane Wolfpack


State Line Miners


Tacoma Athletic Club


Tacoma Cobras



Tacoma Indians

(1946) $$

Tacoma Invaders


Tacoma Invincibles
  Tacoma Outlaws

Tacoma Predators


Tacoma Red Devils/Columbians(1936-1939)

Tacoma Royals


Tacoma Shipbuilders


Tacoma Tyees


Tacoma Warriors


Taholah Bombers


Thurston County Vikings


Tri City Knights


Tri City Rattlers


Ubangi Blackhawks


Uptown Athletic Club


Valley Mustangs


Valley Veterans


Vancouver/Clark County Grizzlies


Vancouver Posse


Vancouver/Clark County Vipers

(2008 -)

Vivienda Club

Waitsburg Elite


  Walla Walla Athletic Club

Washington Cavaliers


Washington Wolfpack



Washington State Penn Steelers


WA State Reformatory Monroe


Wenatchee Valley Rainbows


Wenatchee Valley Rams


West Plains Cowboys


West Seattle All-Stars

West Seattle Athletic Club

(1922 - 1941)

West Seattle Steelers


West Seattle Warhawks



West Sound Saints/Orcas


Whatcom County/Bellingham Lakers


Whatcom County Raiders


Whatcom County Warbirds

White Center Athletic Club


Wisemans U District /Elks #92


Woodland Park Athletic Club



Yakima American Legion


Yakima County Scorpions


Yakima Mavericks



Youngstown/Brewsters Cigar







Beaver Athletic Club



Bend Mountaineers


Central Oregon Stampede


Columbia River Coyotes


Cottage Grove Gryphons


Douglas County Outlaws


East County Blackshirts


Eastern Oregon Timber Rattlers


Eugene Blast


Eugene Bombers

(1966-1967) $$


Eugene/Oakridge Timberwolves


Eugene/Lane County Dragons


Eugene "Oregons"


Eugene Radiators


Eugene "Rescuers"


Grants Pass Marauders


Hermiston/Umatilla Coyotes


Hermiston Hurricanes


High Desert Lightning


Innercity Shine


Klamath Crusaders


Lane County Lumberjacks


Merrill Stallions


Mount Hood Eruption



Multnomah Athletic Club


Multnomah County Buccaneers


Northwest Terminators


Oregon Outlaws

(2006- 2012)


Oregon Thunderbolts

(1989-2001; 2003-Present)

Oregon City Steelheads


Piedmont Club


Portland Athletic Club


Portland Boilermakers


Portland Boltz


Portland Independents


Portland Loggers

(1969) $$

Portland Pioneers


Portland Rockets

(1944)  $$

Portland/Oswego Thunderbirds


Portland Pioneers/Thunderbirds



Rogue Valley Blaze


Rogue Warriors


Salem Doom


Salem/Oregon/Portland Monarchs


Salem/Oregon Panthers


Salem Pioneers



Siskiyou Savages/South Coast Storm (2004-2008)

Southern Oregon Renegades


Southern Oregon Timberwolves


Southwestern Oregon Raiders


Springfield Buzzards


The Dalles Athletic Club


Tri-City Heat


Umatilla Panthers


Umpqua Valley Knights


Van-Port Thunderbirds



Washington County Grizzlies


Willamette Valley Raiders


Yamhill County Enforcers


Arco Anarchy



Blackfoot/Portneuf Valley Dragons


Boise Bombers


Boise Cardinals


Boise Roughriders


Boise Speed


Bonneville Timberwolves


Fort Hall/Rocky Mountain Cobras



Idaho Buccaneers


Idaho Matadors


Idaho Falls Mustangs


Kuna Eagles


Madison/Eastern Idaho Lionz



Mini-Cassia/Magic Valley Bulldawgs


Mountain Home Bengals


Mountain Home Marauders



Pocatello Fighting Kangaroos/Bandits


Pocatello Predators


Pocatello Silverbacks


Rocky Mountain Bulls


Snake River Rebels


Snake River Sabercats

Treasure Valley Cowboys


Treasure Valley Panthers


Treasure Valley Spartans



Twin Falls Wildcats


Upper Valley Rattlers


Upper Valley Vikings




Anaconda Athletic Club


Anaconda Anodes

 Billings Bullets


 Billings Knights


Billings Warriors


Bitterroot Blaze

(2006 - Present)

Bozeman Cardinals


Bozeman Kodiaks


Butte Athletic Club "Benson's/Beaut's"


Butte Buzzies


Butte "Hooper's"

Clark Fork Rush


  Daylis Cubs

Gallatin Valley Snow Devils


Great Falls Falcons


Great Falls Gladiators


Great Falls Rangers


Glacier Knights


Helena Athletic Club


Helena Knights


Helena Titans


Missoula Athletic Club


Missoula Phoenix

(2007 - Present)


Missoula Raptors


Montana Panthers



Tri Valley Titans



Nov 11, 1935 - Annual Armistice Day Navy vs Army game at Stadium Bowl, Tacoma.  Navy won 6-2.

  Fort Lewis League

Alaska Clippers


Arlington Navalairs


Camp Hanford Atomeers


Camp Lewis Soldiers


Camp Murray "Arkansas Travelers"



Camp White "Bulldozers"


Ellensburg Engineers


Farragut Bluejackets


Fort Casey


Fort Flagler Soldiers


Fort Lawton Soldiers


    Fort Lewis 41st Division

Fort Lewis 47th Infantry Panthers


Fort Lewis 4x4s


Fort Lewis Brown Bombers


Fort Lewis Engineers


Fort Lewis Medics


Fort Lewis Mountaineers


Fort Lewis Soldiers


Fort Lewis Rangers


Fort Lewis Rockets



Fort Lewis Second Infantry


Fort Lewis Streaks


Fort Lewis Trains


Fort Lewis Warriors


Fort Stevens


Fort Worden


Geiger Field Chiefs


Great Falls AAB Bombers

Klamath Falls Marine Leathernecks



Malmstrom Air Force Warriors

(1944 - 1957)


Pasco Naval Air Base


Pocatello Marine Devil Dogs


Port Angeles Coast Guard Commandos


Portland Coast Guard



Sand Point Naval Air Station


Second Air Force Superbombers


Spokane Air Base Commandos


Vancouver Barracks


Walla Walla Army Air Base


Washington National Guard    



US Marines sent home to recover from injuries, malaria and other illnesses started teams at Naval Reserve bases like Klamath Falls, Oregon and Pocatello, Idaho.


USS Arizona


USS Idaho


USS Maryland


USS Nevada


USS New Mexico


USS Oklahoma


USS Pennsylvania


USS Tennessee

USS West Virginia



CANADA (Played American Teams)

  Abbotsford AFB  

British Columbia Blue Bombers


British Columbia Chargers


British Columbia Panthers


British Columbia Spartans


Burnaby Barons


Calgary Colts

(1959 - 1980)

Edmonton Wildcats (Jr's)


Kamloops Kougars


Langley Longhorns


Oak Bay/Victoria Drakes


Surrey Rams (Jr's)


Vancouver Cubs


Vancouver Blue Bombers (Jr's)


Vancouver Kats



Vancouver Wildcats


Vancouver Trojans (Jr's)

Victoria Steelers/Tyees

(1966-1967) $$



Boise Xteme


Corvallis Pride


Eugene Edge


Greenwood Mod Squad

Portland Fighting Fillies


Oregon Thunder/Portland Shockwave


Tacoma/Seattle Majestics


Tacoma Trauma


West Seattle Bosomed Buddies








Northwest 8 Man League
National Nineman League (NNFL)
(2001 - Present)
Idaho Contact League (ICFL)
(1999 - Present)