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A book entitled "(Quite) A Few Good Men", authored by John A. Gunn chronicles the USMC football teams including the light duty station at Pocatello and the rehabilitation unit at Klamath Falls during WWII.




  Pocatello Marine Devil Dogs (1943-1945)


Years of Operation: 1944-1945


Overall Record


First Game:


First Win:


Final Game:

League Affiliation:  

Independent (1945)



Team Headquarters:

US Naval Ordinance Plant

Pocatello, ID

Owner: United States Navy


Commanding Officer: Capt. John A. Jordan

Athletic Officer:  1st LT A.B. Rackerby


Coaches: Corp. Ken Dolan


Home Field(s):

Titles Won








"There's a football team in Pocatello, ID, that rates a cheer if they never win another game all season...its called the "Pocatello Marine Devil Dogs" and is composed of 20-odd marines from a guard detachment and a few sailors from the Naval Ordinance plant with a coach, Corp. Ken Dolan, borrowed from an army air base...These few marines comprise nearly half the detachment and every one is a combat veteran recuperating from wounds and jungle diseases incurred overseas...They lost their first two games because there weren't enough reserves and the men weren't well enough to play a full game....Then they turned on the Great Falls, Mont., Air Base team and won though they were outweighed 25 pounds per man....Those guys must really like to play football."  - Lawrence Journal World - AP Story Nov 7, 1944.


All players were veterans of battles on Tarawa, Guadalcanal, Munda, Tulagi, Bougainville, and Saipan.


Joe Wujcicki - Guard & Captain

Wimberley - End

Compton - Tackle

Cousans - Center

Peterson - Guard

Maxwell - Tackle

Beatty - End

Penton - Quarterback

Dunkleberger - Halfback

McCormick - Halfback

Goldback - Fullback

Challinore - End

Edwards - End

Signor - Center

Pitt - Tackle

Sarkisian - Tackle

Smith - Tackle

Brown - Guard

Morris - Guard

Mullen - End

Celmer - Quarterback

Cooper - Quarterback

Mark - Halfback

Ken Dolan - Halfback

Conway - Halfback

Seilhimer - Halfback

Hodgen - Fullback

1943 Schedule/Results ():  
Sep 26 - Utah State Aggies 0-47

1944 Schedule/Results (1-5):

Oct 14 @ Utah State Aggies 0-40
Southern Idaho College L
Great Falls Air Base W
-Idaho State Bengals 0-27
Nov 4 - Utah State Aggies 6-27
- Idaho State Bengals 6-34
1945 Schedule/Results ():  
Sep 22 - University of Nevada 0-65
Sep 29 @ Utah State Aggies 0-45
Oct 7 @ Farragut Bluejackets 0-36
Nov 3 - Utah State Aggies 0-52







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