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Tacoma Cobras (2009 - 2013)


Years of Operation: 2009-2013


Overall Record:  23-3


First Game: June 27, 2009 @ Oregon Thunderbolts


First Win: July 11, 2009 vs Bellingham Blitz


Final Game:

League Affiliation:  

Professional Development Football League (2009-11; 2013)

Independent Pro Team (2012)



Team Headquarters:


Tacoma, Washington

Owner: Theo Hall


General Manager: Theo Hall (2009-11)  Dave McEachern (2011-12


Coaches: Dave McEachern (HC), Keith Jones (Line)

2013: HC/DC Kai Ellis, OC Aaron Rambo, RB's Marshel Jones, QB's Craig Mulligan, LB's Eric Bellamy


Home Field(s): Franklin Pierce HS, Stadium HS

Titles Won

2009 PDFL Championship

2010 PDFL Championship

2011 PDFL Championship





Jarrell Paterson, 2010 PDFL MVP

Jarrell Paterson, 2010 PDFL Co-Rookie of the Year

Ammar Othman, 2010 PDFL Defensive MVP

Larry Fowler, 2010 PDFL Lineman of the Year

Marcus Reed, 2010 PDFL RB of the Year

Brandon Erving, 2010 PDFL Community Player of the Year



Tony Grout, C - 2010 All-PDFL

Robert Simpson, G - 2010 All-PDFL

Manase Hopoi, DE - 2010 All-PDFL

Samson Vee, G - 2010 All-PDFL

Darryl Palaita, DT - 2010 All-PDFL

Larry Fowler, T - 2010 All-PDFL

Ryan Dowell, DT - 2010 All-PDFL

Paul Stevens, LB - 2010 All-PDFL

Josh Tuani, LB - 2010 All-PDFL

Jarrell Patterson, WR - 2010 All-PDFL

JT Leggin, CB - 2010 All-PDFL

Ammar Othman, SS - 2010 All-PDFL

Marcus Reed, RB - 2010 All-PDFL

Mory Keita, CB - 2010 All-PDFL

Nathan Proctor, FB - 2010 All-PDFL

Elijah Davis, DE - 2010 All-PDFL

Brandon Claxton, G - 2010 All-PDFL

Haden Gienger, LB - 2010 All-PDFL

Galuefa Salu, T - 2010 All-PDFL

Nick Caraballo, TE - 2010 All-PDFL

Duane Bowen, CB - 2010 All-PDFL

Kenny Jackson Jr., QB - 2010 All-PDFL

Chris Kintz, PK - 2010 All-PDFL

Bernard Blosser, WR - 2010 Hon Men

Mario Haily - 2010 Hon Men

DeSean Quinn - 2010 Hon Men

Adam Cruz - 2010 Hon Men

Keandre Magee - 2010 Hon Men

Javon Quinn - 2010 Hon Men

Tay Proctor Mills - 2010 Hon Men

Nate Hale - 2010 Hon Men

Corn Winesberry - 2010 Hon Men



Formed by Theo Hall (former Head Coach of the Tacoma Invaders in 2008).


Billed as a "pro" team in Tacoma, the Cobras started recruiting players from all over the region promising paydays with the Cobras and the Next Level Football League.


By the time the season was slated to kick off in May, it was evident the owners weren't biting on the hype and the Cobras along with the Blitz and Oregon Thunderbolts decided to tone it down and form the Professional Developmental Football League.  This semi-pro league was going to play out the 2009 since and THEN be a "pro" league in 2010.


The Cobras proved to be just another semi pro team on June 27, 2009 when they opened their inaugural season with a lack luster loss to the Thunderbolts 12-10, but rallied to win their remaining 6 games and a 3rd chance at beating the Blitz for the PDFL title.  They did so at home 36-31 for their 3rd victory over the Blitz and the PDFL Championship.


The Cobras took on the area Tacoma teams and destroyed the remnants of the once mighty Bengals 83-7 and Invaders 60-0.  A scheduled game with Snohomish was called off by the Vikings over Cobra players being paid to play and making the team a pro team.


The PDFL teams offered up little challenge except for the Cobras road trip to Boise with only 20 players.  The game proved costly as the Cobras starting QB was injured and a perfect season was wiped away.  But, nothing was left on the schedule to present a challenge and the Cobras won the PDFL again over the Bellingham Blitz.  Half of the roster was awarded "All-League" status.


A 10-game schedule was announced in January 2011 which included road trips to Boise and Salt Lake City but the California games were canceled and replaced with WWFA teams Renton and Portland, Bellingham left the PDFL for the WWFA and the PDFL season opener was canceled when the Crush couldn't make it, thus beginning a trickle away of players to other area teams like the South King Colts and Kitsap Bears when it appeared the PDFL was destined to be a 2-team league.  The collapse of the Cobras season began in early June with the forfeiture of a game by Umatilla.  At that point players scattered to PFL teams as playoffs approached.  The home-home return game with Boise was retagged as the PDFL Bowl III championship game, a full month earlier than planned.  The game was a laugher with the boyish Buccaneers being dominated 40-7.


Even with GM Theo Hall stepping down and most of the players leaving for other teams, Keith Jones announced via message board games with an All-Star team in Tacoma and a January trip to California to play the LaBelle League Champion.  Neither games were actually played and a 10-game schedule was promised with season tickets selling for $90.00 via the team website.


With the PDFL being a one-team league after the Buccaneers left for the RMFL, the Cobras played an independent schedule


A reported 92-0 win over the Bengals was actually a forfeit since the Cobras did not supply officials for their home game.


A scheduled game with the Bakersfield Police team failed to come off, so the next game was against the Bellingham Bulldogs.  The Cobras ran out to a lead, but the Bulldogs roared back narrowly losing by a TD.


The Cobras were dominated in Eugene by the Pacifica Islanders 32-0 going into a month-long layoff.  That proved to be the final game of the season as all other games were canceled.


Undeterred, the Cobras put out another schedule in November of 2012 boasting games with teams from Utah and New Mexico.  However a good portion of the Cobras coaching staff and players were reportedly out going instead to the more stable PFL and the South King Colts.

2009 Schedule/Results (6-1):

June 27 @ Oregon Thunderbolts


July 11 -Bellingham Blitz 35-28
July 18 - Snohomish County Vikings 63-25
Aug 8 @ Snohomish County Vikings 35-0
Aug 15 - Oregon Thunderbolts 49-17
Aug 22 @ Bellingham Blitz 38-23
Aug 29 - Bellingham Blitz * 36-31
   * PDFL Championship  
2010 Schedule/Results (8-1):  
May 15 - Northwest Terminators 20-6
May 22 - Pierce County Bengals 83-7
May 29 - Tacoma Invaders 60-0
June 5 @ Snohomish County Vikings cancel
June 12 @ Portland Thunderbolts 30-0
June 19 - Bellingham Blitz 55-10
June 26 - Boise Buccaneers W FFT
July 10 @ Boise Buccaneers 30-36 OT
July 17 @ Portland Thunderbolts 35-0
July 24 @ Bellingham Blitz 44-24
July 31 - Portland Thunderbolts * W FFT
 Aug 14 - Bellingham Blitz ** 44-20
    * PDFL Championship  
2011 Schedule/Results (5-0):  
Apr 23 - Carson Ragin Bulls Canceled
Apr 23 - Renton Ravens 40-0
Apr 30 - Norwalk Cowboys Canceled
Apr 30 - Innercity Shine 45-22
May 14 @ Bellingham Blitz Canceled
May 21 - Salt Lake City Crush Canceled
June 4 @ Umatilla Panthers 63-26
June 11 @ Boise Buccaneers 38-18
June 18 - Umatilla Panthers


June 25 - Bellingham Blitz


July 9 @ Salt Lake City Crush

July 23 - Boise Buccaneers ** 40-7
July 30 @ Bend Mountaineers Canceled
Aug 6 - PDFL Playoffs Canceled
Aug 13 - PDFL Championship Canceled
Sep - FWFA All-Stars Canceled 
Jan 21, 2012 @ LCFL Champion Canceled 
 ** Changed to PDFL Bowl III in June  
 2012 Schedule/Results (4-1):  
Apr 14 @ Palouse Thunder 34-0
Apr 21 - Puget Sound Outlaws 47-7
Apr 28 @ Innercity Shine 17-12
May 5 - Pierce County Bengals  L FFT
May 11 - Bakersfield Blast Canceled
May 12 - Bellingham Bulldogs 35-28
May 19 - Pacific Islanders (Eugene, OR)  0-32
June 9 @ Bellingham Bulldogs Canceled
June 16 @ Yakima Mavericks Canceled
June 23 - Palouse Thunder Canceled
July 7 - Washington Wolfpack Canceled
July 14 - North California Knights Canceled
2013 Schedule/Results (0-0):  
Apr 20 - Puget Sound Outlaws  
Apr 27 - Central Washington Lobos  
May 11 @ Portland Boltz  
June 1 - Boise Bandits  
June 8 - Utah Armageddon  
June 22 - Portland Boltz  
June 29 @ Boise Bandits  
July 13 - New Mexico Outlawz  


Joey Coverson (14) in action against the Vikings

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