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  Bellingham Bulldogs (2008- Present)

Years of Operation: 2008-Present


Overall Record:  41-19


First Game: March 22, 2008 vs. Skagit Valley Lightning


First Win: March 22, 2008 vs. Skagit Valley


Final Game:


League Affiliation:  


Evergreen Football League (2008)

North American Football League (2009-10)

Pacific Football League (2011-Present)


Team Headquarters:

PO Box 28551
Bellingham, WA 98228-0551

Owner: Jeff Fisher & Dick McKinley

General Manager: Jeff Fisher

Coaches: Dick McKinley (HC), Dan Poasa (OC), Kyle Garcia (DC), Phil Smith (HC 2007-Present), Jazel Paul Riley, 2012:  Brian Young, Phil Smith


Home Field(s): Civic Field (Bellingham)

Titles Won


2009 NAFL NW Olympic Division Champions

2009 NAFL NW Conference Champions

2010 NAFL NW Olympic Division Champions

2010 NAFL NW Conference Champions

2012 PFL North Division Champions


  2008 Schedule/Results (3-6):  


Sean Foster, PK 2009-NAFL West Kicker of Year

Jeff Fisher, 2009 NAFL Owner of Year

Phil Smith, 2009 NAFL West Head Coach of Year

Brian Young & Phil Smith 2012 PFL Coaches of the Year




Sean Hicks, LB (2008-GNFA HM; 2009 NAFL West 1st)

Chase Cantrell, DL (2008-GNFA HM; 2009 NAFL West 1st; 2012 PFL 1st, GNFA 2nd)

Mark Simmons, QB (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Justin Whitney, RB (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Jesh Morgan, WR (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Mike Coe, OL (2009-NAFL West 1st; 2012 PFL 1st, GNFA 2nd)

Zach Myers, OL (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Bill Hagee, DL (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Jake Tanner, DL (2009-NAFL West 1st; 2011 PFL 1st)

Austin Childs, DL (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Steve Faoro, LB (2009-NAFL West 1st; 2012 PFL 1st, GNFA 1st)

Jay Zimmerman, DB (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Sean Foster, PK (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Corey Culp, WR (2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Nick Gavigan, WR (2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Dave Oporto, OL (2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Wes LaRocque, OL (2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Dan Collins, OL (2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Jimmy Nightingale, LB (2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Andy Fulton, LB (2009-NAFL West 2nd; 2012 PFL 2nd, GNFA 2nd)

Brett Hall, DB (2009-NAFL West 2nd) RB (2012 PFL 2nd, GNFA 2nd)

Joel Pears, DB (2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Blake Manley, DB (2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Toby Seim, WR (2012 PFL 1st, GNFA 1st)

Aaron Erickson, OL (2012 PFL 1st, GNFA 1st)

Eric Pitner, DL (2012 PFL 1st, GNFA 2nd)

Miguel Pierre, DB (2012 PFL 1st, GNFA 1st)

Sean McGarva, DB (2012 PFL 1st, GNFA 1st)



Chase Cantrell, DL (2009-NFE 1st)

Jay Zimmerman, DB (2009-NFE 1st)

Jesh Morgan, WR (2009-NFE Hon Men)




The Bellingham Bulldogs got their start in 2008 when Dick McKinley and Jeff Fisher purchased the Northwest Avalanche from Craig Jackson.   The Bulldogs applied for entry into the Pacific Northwest Football Conference, however the PNFC decided to merge with the Evergreen Football League.  The EFL accepted the Bulldogs and the newest team in Bellingham began its quest for an EFL title.


After a 3-6 finish in 2008, the Bulldogs decided to try their luck in the summer leagues and departed the Evergreen League for the NAFL in hopes of attracting players from British Columbia disenchanted with the team options in Vancouver.


This move proved fruitful as the Bulldogs opened the '09 season against the Langley (BC) Longhorns dominating the Canadian contingent 49-0 and reeling off 11 straight victories on their way to a date with the Renegades in the NAFLNw Championship.  In that game the Renegades found the Bulldogs and the 10-hour road trip too much to overcome.  A tough St. Paul Pioneers team fresh off a win over the storied Racine Raiders came to Bellingham from Minnesota and walked away with a 5-point victory ending the Bulldogs Cinderella season.


The Bulldogs roared through the 2010 season winning the Olympic Division of the NAFL NW handily setting them up for a run at the NAFL Championship.  Defeating the Bay Area Gamblers in the semi finals handily, the Bulldogs and Nashville Storm were set to square off in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the NAFL Championship.  Bellingham went up 14-0 early but the Storm reeled off 41 unanswered points to send Bellingham home disappointed.


2011 Began a new era as the Bulldogs entered into the Pacific Football League comprised of some of the strongest teams assembled in the Northwest.  A convincing win over the WWFA Renton Ravens seemed to start things off where they left off the past two season, however the Snohomish Vikings detoured the Bulldogs plans of being undefeated in the PFL North division.  The following week, the Colts took a 5 point offensive battle that started a derailment of the Bellingham Season as the 'Dogs lost eight in a row.  The season wasn't a total loss as Bellingham upset Grays Harbor in what would start the Bearcats late-season exit from the playoff race.  In the season finale the Vikings were dismantled in the rematch of the Bulldogs PFL season opener.


2012 brought the formerly split town together as the former PDFL Blitz merged with the Bulldogs and for the first time in half a decade Bellingham was a united team.  Prior to that, both the WWFA and the PFL were announcing schedules for the Bulldogs/Blitz.  It's unknown if the Blitz formally announced their intentions to withdraw from the WWFA, but the schedule the WWFA announced was published anyway and is reflected in the canceled games. 


The Bulldogs went to work quickly dismantling the Renton Ravens of the WWFA, then traveling over the hill to face Wenatchee.  The Rams led the Bulldogs 10-0 through 3 quarters until WR Toby Seim took over the game and the Bulldogs battled back to take a 21-17 victory from the eventual WFL Champions.


A set-back against the Mavericks on the road cost Bellingham a home playoff game, but they returned to Yakima and defeated the Mavs to advance to the PFL Championship as North Division champions.  There they could not overcome the firepower of the Portland Monarchs who went on to win the PFL and the GNFA crown.




Mar 22 - Skagit Valley Lightning


Mar 29 @ Columbia Basin Riverhawks 36-21
Apr 5 - Blue Mountain Stars 15-29
Apr 12 @ Wenatchee Rams 11-41
Apr 19 South Sound Shockers 6-12
Apr 26 Willamette Valley Raiders W-FFT
May 3 - @ Tri City Knights 21-65
May 10 @ Skagit Valley Lightning 17-14
May 17 Yakima Mavericks 10-38
May 24 Okanogan Commandos 9-22
2009 Schedule/Results (12-1):  
June 27 - Langley Longhorns 49-0
July 11 @ Pacific Northwest Wildcats 26-21
July 18 - Portland Raiders 20-0
July 25 - West Sound Saints 42-8
Aug 1 - Kitsap County Bears 43-7
Aug 8 @ King County Jaguars 53-7
Aug 29 - King County Jaguars 29-0
Sept 12 @ West Sound Saints 23-0
Sept 19 @ Portland Raiders 16-12
Sept 26 - Pacific Northwest Wildcats 41-0
Oct 10 - Portland Raiders * 27-0
Oct 24 - Southern Oregon Renegades  * 27-20
Oct 31 - St. Paul Pioneers * 15-20
2010 Schedule/Results (13-1):  
June 5 - Portland Raiders 34-0
June 12 @ Eastside Xtreme 54-0
June 19 - Southern Oregon Renegades W FFT
June 26 @ Grays Harbor Bearcats 30-6
July 9 - Kitsap County Bears 62-27
July 17 @ Portland Raiders 50-0
July 24 - Eastside Xtreme cancel
July 24 - Pierce County Bengals 65-14
July 31 @ Southern Oregon Renegades 21-14
Aug 7 - Grays Harbor Bearcats 28-10
Aug 14 @ Kitsap County Bears 47-19
Aug 28 - Southern Oregon Renegades 30-0
Sep 18 - Southern Oregon Renegades * 33-18
Sep 25 - Kitsap County Bears * 59-29
Oct 23 - Bay Area Gamblers * 42-7
Nov 13 @ Nashville Storm ** 20-41
2011 Schedule/Results (3-8):  
Apr 16 - Renton Ravens 48-20
Apr 23 @ Snohomish Vikings 18-34
Apr 30 - South King Colts 38-43
May 7 - Yakima Mavericks 0-41
May 14 @ Kitsap Bears 6-59
May 21 @ Vancouver Vipers 18-59
June 4 - Portland Monarchs 14-34
Jun 11 @ Portland Raiders 24-25
June 18 @ South Sound Shockers 8-42
June 25 - Grays Harbor Bearcats 41-34
July 9 - Snohomish Vikings 42-19
2012 Schedule/Results (10-3):  
Apr 7 - Renton Ravens 50-0
Apr 14 @ Wenatchee Valley Rams 21-17
Apr 21 - South Sound Shockers 53-12
Apr 28 @ Clark County Vipers 44-7
May 5 @ Snohomish Thunder Cancel
May 5 @ South King Colts 27-6
May 12 - Washington Wolfpack Cancel
May 12 - Tacoma Cobras 28-35
May 19 @ Puget Sound Outlaws Cancel
May 19 @ Yakima Mavericks 36-54
June 2 @ Renton Ravens Cancel
June 2 - Snohomish Vikings 65-10
June 9 - Innercity Shine Cancel
June 16 @ Grays Harbor Bearcats 26-10
June 23 @ Tacoma Invaders Cancel
June 23 - Portland Raiders 50-8
June 30 - Westside Wildcats Cancel
July 7 @ Mt Hood Eruption Cancel
July 7  - Grays Harbor Bearcats * 30-20
July 14 - Seattle Stallions Cancel
July 14 @ Yakima Mavericks * 34-0
   * PFL North Championship  
July 21 - Olympic Peninsula Eagles Cancel
July 21 @ Portland Monarchs ** 34-54
   ** PFL Championship  
* Playoffs  
** Championship