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  Tacoma Warriors (2009 - 2010)

Years of Operation: 2009


Overall Record:  4-5


First Game: Apr 25, 2009 vs Tacoma Invaders


First Win: May 2, 2009 vs Puget Sound Pirates


Final Game: Aug 1, 2009 vs Seattle Stallions

League Affiliation:  


Cascade Football League (2009)


Team Headquarters: Tacoma, WA





Owner: Kevin Frank





Home Field: Mt. Tahoma HS

Titles Won






All League

Kopano Seumalo, OL (2009-CFL 1st)

Joseph Jordan, DB (2009-CFL 1st)

Samson Vee, DL (2009-CFL 1st)

Downey Seumalo, TE (2009-CFL 2nd)

LaRoy Chase, WR (2009-CFL 2nd)

Pedro Torres, DB (2009-CFL 2nd)

Mitch Johnson, LB/P (2009-CFL 2nd)

Darrell Palatia, DL (2009-CFL 2nd)


The Warriors were started by Kevin Frank in 2009 as an expansion team to the Cascade Football League.  Frank served as the defensive coordinator for the Tacoma Invaders in 2008.

After much hoopla, the Warriors were brought down to reality with a pasting by the Seattle Stallions and finished the season 3-5 but was awarded a CFL Playoff spot where 6 of the 9 members qualified.  The Warriors upset the Bears in the first round of the playoffs 8-7 after losing the previous week to close out the regular season.

Controversy swirled stemming from that game and the following game as the Warriors had rostered players from the "pro" Tacoma Cobras early in the season.  Even though they had not played with the Warriors, a loophole in the CFL bylaws allowed the use of the players in the playoff victory.  The Stallions game was protested when the host team failed to provide appropriate game officials and after an 1 1/2 delay, officials from another area were brought in.  With a little over 8 minutes remaining, the stadium lights were shut off at the 11 PM curfew ending the game.  The league upheld the protest and rescheduled the game for the following week.  After jumping the hoops to get the game rescheduled, Warriors management decided not to play the remaining 8 minutes of the game when it was learned some players would not be available having returned to the Cobras and Bengals.

The Warriors experiment expired with a whimper as Tacoma forfeited three games when the team informed opponents they had no uniforms.  Bigger problems were on the horizon and finally after agonizing through most of April and May including the fracture of the CFL, partly due to the Warrior situation, team officials called it quits May 14th, 2010.  Players would attempt to merge with the Tacoma Invaders calling themselves the "Washington Trojans" but it never happened.


2009 Schedule/Results (4-5)  
Apr 25 Tacoma Invaders FFT^
May 2 Puget Sound Pirates 26-14
May 16 Olympic Peninsula Eagles 71-0
May 23 @ Seattle Stallions 12-54
June 6 South King County Colts 20-24
June 13 @ Whatcom County Raiders cancel
June 20 @ Renton Ravens 8-25
June 27 Snohomish County Thunder 68-0
July 11 @ Valley Mustangs Cancel
July 18 @ Kitsap County Bears 10-38
July 25 @ Kitsap County Bears * 8-7

Aug 1 @ Seattle Stallions * (protested)

Aug 8 @ Seattle Stallions * (replay 8 mins) cancel
2009 Schedule/Results (0-0)  
May 1 @ Snohomish County Thunder L FFT
May 8 @ Tacoma Warriors L FFT
May 15 - Tacoma Invaders L FFT
May 22 - South King County Colts L FFT
June 5  @ Seattle Stallions L FFT
June 19 @ Olympic Peninsula Eagles L FFT
   * CFL Playoffs