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South Sound Shockers (2005 - 2012)

Years of Operation: 2005 - 2012


Overall Record:  51-26


First Game: Mar 26, 2005 vs Umpqua Valley Knights


First Win: Mar 26, 2005 vs Umpqua Valley Knights


Final Game: May 5, 2012 vs Yakima Mavericks


League Affiliation:  

Independent (2005)

Pacific Northwest Football Conference (2006-07)

Evergreen Football League (2008)

Washington Football League (2009-2010)

Pacific Football League (2011-2012)

Greater Northwest Football Association (2006-12)



Team Headquarters: Olympia, WA

Owner: South Sound Shockers Athletic Association (2005-2010); Kelly Time, David Combs (2011-2012)


Director of Football Ops: Mark Meadows (2005-09)


General Manager: Mark Meadows (2005-07); Yvonne Stanton (2008-09) David Combs (2011-2012)


President: David Gomez (2010) Kelly Time (2011) David Combs (2012)


Coaches: Terry Dion (HC -2005) Stephen Matychowiak (HC 2006-07; 2009-10; DC 2005) Lonnie Meredith (HC 2008; Asst 2005-07; 09) Tim Williams, Gene Duprey, Paul Christiansen (DC -2008) Bill Hicks (OC -2008), Thomas Love (DC - 2006-07; 09) George Goss (OC 2006-07, 09) Kelly Time (HC 2011-12), Damien Mills (AC 2012)


Home Field(s): South Sound Stadium, Tumwater Stadium, Oakville HS, Cowan Stadim - Fort Lewis

Titles Won

2006 PNFC South Division Champions

2007 Capital City Challenge Champions

2007 PNFC South Division Champions

2007 Pacific Northwest Conference Champions

2008 Capital City Challenge Champions





Ron Strozyk - 2009 GNFA Defensive Player of the Year

Jackie Triplett - 2007 GNFA Defensive Player of the Year

Jackie Triplett - 2007 PNFC Defensive Player of the Year

Thomas Love - 2007 GNFA Coordinator of the Year

Bobby Poeltl - 2007 GNFA Specialist of the Year

Bobby Poeltl - 2007 MLFN Player of the Year

Bobby Poeltl - 2007 PNFC Offensive Player of the Year

Steve Matychowiak - 2007 MLFN Coach of the Year

Steve Matychowiak - 2006 PNFC Coach of the Year

Nate Enciso - 2006 PNFC Defensive Player of the Year

Pat Hutnik - 2008 GNFA Specialist of the Year

John Stewart - 2006 PNFC Offensive Player of the Year



Randy Alderman, DB - 2006 PNFC 1st Team; 2007 PNFC 1st Team, GNFA Hon Men; 2009 WFL Hon Men; 2008 GNFA 2nd Team; 2009 Hon Men

Junior Auseuga, DL - 2009 WFL 1st Team; GNFA 1st

Travis Brock, OL/DL - 2007 PNFC 1st Team; GNFA 1st

Avery Brown, TE - 2009 WFL 2nd Team; 2009 GNFA Hon Men

Vince Burruss, WR - 2006 PNFC 1st Team

Brandon Claxton, OL - 2006 PNFC 1st Team; 2007 2nd, GNFA 2nd

Robert Clements, OL - 2008 GNFA 2nd Team

David Combs, DL - 2006 PNFC 1st Team; 2008 GNFA 2nd

Martin Darland, LB - 2007 PNFC 2nd Team

Brad Dennis, LB - 2007 PNFC 1st Team; GNFA 1st Team

David Dorsey, DL - 2006 PNFC 1st Team

Nate Enciso, LB - 2006 PNFC 1st Team; 2007 PNFC 1st Team, GNFA 1st; 2008 GNFA 1st; 2009 WFL 1st; 2009 GNFA 1st

Eric Goodman, DB - 2006 PNFC 2nd Team; 2007 1st, GNFA 1st; 2009 WFN 1st; 2009 GNFA 2nd

Jameson Gsthol, WR - 2006 PNFC 2nd Team

Ryan Havey, OL - 2009 WFL 2nd Team; 2009 GNFA 2nd

Bryan Hooper, WR - 2007 PNFC 2nd Team, GNFA Hon Men

Pat Hutnik, PK - 2007 PNFC 1st Team, GNFA 2nd; 2008 GNFA 1st

Marquis Johnson, RB - 2006 PNFC 2nd Team; 2007 PNFC 1st Team; GNFA 2nd

Ryan Kalalau, DB - 2006 PNFC 2nd Team

Rory Lee, RB - 2008 GNFA 1st Team

Jonathan McNally, OL - 2006 PNFC 2nd Team; 2007 PNFC 1st Team; GNFA 2nd

Brian Mickens, TE - 2007 PNFC 2nd; GNFA 2nd

David Minnis, RB - 2009 WFL 1st Team; 2009 GNFA 1st Team; 2008 GNFA 2nd Team; 2010 GNFA 1st Team; 2010 WFN 1st

Chris Nofo, LB- 2009 WFL 2nd Team; 2009 GNFA 2nd

Bobby Poeltl, WR - 2009 WFL 2nd Team; 2009 GNFA Hon Men; 2007 PNFC 1st, 2007 GNFA 1st

Ken Ponder, DL - 2009 WFL Hon Men; 2009 GNFA Hon Men; 2006 PNFC 1st Team

Joe Richmond, PK - 2009 WFL Hon Men; 2009 GNFA Hon Men

R. Reis, QB - 2009 WFL 2nd Team

Justin Shumate, OL/DL - 2006 PNFC 2nd Team; 2007 PNFC 2nd, GNFA Hon Men

Terrell Smith, FB - 2007 PNFC 1st Team, GNFA 1st Team

John Stewart, QB - 2006 PNFC 1st Team, 2007 PNFC 1st Team, GNFA 2nd, 2009 WFL Hon Men

Ron Strozyk, DE - 2008 EFL 1st Team; GNFA 1st, 2009 WFL 1st Team; GNFA 1st

Micah Tanaka, DB - 2006 PNFC 1st Team, 2007 PNFC 1st Team, GNFA 1st

Kelly Time, LB - 2006 PNFC 2nd Team, 2008 GNFA Hon Men, 2009 WFL Hon Men; 2010 WFN 2nd; 2010 GNFA 1st

TJ Tolbert, OL - 2009 WFL Hon Men

Jackie Triplett, DE - 2007 PNFC 1st Team; GNFA 1st

Nate Turner, PK - 2006 PNFC 1st Team

Eric Webster, OL - 2007 PNFC 1st Team; 2008 GNFA Hon Men, 2009 WFL 2nd Team; 2010 GNFA 2nd; 2010 WFN 2nd

Ike Woo, OL - 2007 PNFC 2nd Team; 2010 GNFA 1st Team

Jon Luatua, DL - 2010 GNFA 1st Team

Zach Ayers, OL - 2010 GNFA 2nd Team; 2010 WFN 1st

Sam Rowswell, OL - 2010 GNFA 2nd Team

Pedro Torres, DB - 2010 GNFA 2nd Team; 2010 WFN 2nd


Chris Nofo - 2009 MLFN 1st Team

Ron Strozyk - 2009 MLFN 2nd Team; 2009 SemiPro BCS Hon Men; 2008 MLFN Hon Men

Junior Auseuga - 2009 MLFN 2nd Team

Nate Enciso - 2006, MLFN 1st, 2007 1st, 2008 2nd, 2009 Hon Men

Ryan Havey - 2009 MLFN Hon Men; 2009 SemiPro BCS 2nd; 2009 NFE Hon Men

David Minnis - 2009 MLFN Hon Men; 2009 SemiPro BCS 1st; 2009 NFE Hon Men

Eric Goodman - 2005 MLFN Hon Men, 2008 MLFN 1st Team, 2009 MLFN Hon Men; 2009 SemiPro BCS Hon Men

Randy Alderman - 2006 MLFN 3rd Team; 2007 3rd

Travis Brock - 2007 MLFN 1st Team

Kevin Brophy - 2005 MLFN 2nd Team

Vince Burruss - 2005 MLFN 1st Team

Brandon Claxton - 2008 MLFN 1st Team

Jeff Cole - 2005 MLFN 2nd Team

David Combs - 2008 MLFN 2nd Team

Brad Dennis - 2007 MLFN 3rd Team

Bryan Hooper - 2007 MLFN Hon Men

Pat Hutnik - 2008 MLFN 2nd Team

Ryan Kalalau - 2006 MLFN 2nd Team

Rory Lee - 2008 MLFN 2nd Team

Jonathan McNally - 2007 MLFN 2nd Team

Brian Mickens - 2007 MLFN 2nd Team

Bobby Poeltl - 2007 MLFN 1st Team

Rico Rough - 2005 MLFN 3rd Team

Joel Shumate - 2005 MLFN 1st Team

Justin Shumate - 2005 MLFN 1st Team; 2006 3rd, 2007 3rd Team

Terrell Smith - 2007 MLFN 1st Team

John Stewart - 2006 MLFN 3rd; 2007 2nd Team

Micah Tanaka - 2007 MLFN 1st Team

Jackie Triplett - 2007 MLFN 1st Team

Nate Turner - 2005 MLFN 3rd Team; 2006 1st Team



Story of the Shockers:

September 2004-The South Sound Shockers Are Born

After observing a dismal state of affairs in the local semi-pro scene, Steve Matychowiak, Jeff Cole, and Mark Meadows pondered what it would be like to have a "real" football team in the area.  Matychowiak, a long-time member of the football community had finally left for good, the team he had one day hoped to rebuild to greatness, as had Cole and Meadows who tried to bring change to the teams they were involved with but met heavy resistance.  Meadows, a Nebraska native was raised on football and the ideals of the legendary Tom Osborne, and had seen enough and suggested building a new team. 

With that, Meadows and Cole began building a team from the ground up while "Maty" put the word out in the coaching and player circles that he was coming back to the semi pro circuit.

The 2005 season was originally slated for 8 games, two opponents backed out so the Shockers went on to play and finish 3-3.  The season was an up and down roller coaster as the Shockers started out 3-0 before injuries and growing pains caught up.  (The Shockers have always taken a stance that they would dismiss a good player before corrupting the ideals the team was built on...and so it was, six players were dismissed in mid-season).  Many of the Shockers stars of 2005 were forced to play ironman football and some paid a heavy price.  RB/DB Ronnie Knighton, arguably the best athlete on the field that year was battered and forced to miss the final game.   LB Kelly Time, the teams' best backer in '05 was out with a severe shoulder injury following game 2, and OL/DL Justin Shumate held together a make-shift offensive line week in and week out.  It was a situation not even former Seattle Seahawk and head coach Terry Dion could do much with towards the end.  But still, 3-3 was a good start.

Matychowiak took over as head coach, and by kickoff of 2006, the Shockers had nearly 45% of their roster filled with college men.  A swift run to 10-0 by the end of the season put the Shockers in the first-ever PNFC championship against a familiar face; Alex Lewis, a Shocker the year before who formed the Seattle Stallions following the 2005 season.  The Stallions were a spring-time all star team of all of the best players from the NWFL.  The championship game was one for the ages as the Stallions squeaked out a 12-7 victory with the Shockers in scoring position as time expired.

In 2007 the Shockers quest to become better with each passing season was coming true.  The addition of award winners Travis Brock, Bobby Poeltl, Jackie Triplett and others would catapult the Shockers into near-legendary status.  After decimating the PNFC culminated in a 66-0 rout of the Valley Mustangs the Shockers looked unstoppable.  However a shaky offensive performance in the GNFA qualifier against the High Desert Lightning of the OFL (with some additions from the Outlaws, Monarchs and other OFL teams) seemed to foreshadow what was to come.  And that was a season finale loss to the undefeated Blue Mountain Stars in the high grass of Burbank which would keep the dream of an undefeated season at bay...for now.  But the 775 points scored, the 7 shut out victories and numerous accolades earned on the field by the South Sound athletes both regionally and nationally, were nothing to snub your nose at.  The Shockers were already PNFC champions, something the team leaders had hoped would happen by year five when first building the team, but never expected to happen in only year 3.

In 2008 the Shockers and head coach Lonnie Meredith were hit by numerous military deployments and injuries, however the Shockers still managed to finish 8-4 and make their lone EFL playoff appearance.  The four losses were by a total of 20-points in the balanced and tough Evergreen League.  The regular season was highlighted by a 4th consecutive season opening victory and concluded with a Capital City Challenge victory over the Washington Cavaliers marking the 9th consecutive regular season victory over a non-league opponent. 

Matychowiak returned from his one-year hiatus and looked to return to form with victories over Wenatchee and Spokane to start the season.  The season derailed in Yakima when injuries and depth issues in the defensive backfield became problematic all season long.  The Shockers battled to a 6-3 record in the stout Washington League, it's last 2 loses by a total of 8 points.

Retirements of key defensive starters and many new faces on offense, the Shockers of 2010 were young and inexperienced but not without the talent to compete in the WFL.  With the most difficult schedule ever put together through the first 6 weeks that included 3 league champions from 2009, a runner up and 2-time defending GNFA champion Portland, Maty had his hands full.  A bright spot in the back and forth season was the rushing of David Minnis who eclipsed 200 yards twice on the season which finished in a repeat of 2009 at the hands of Wenatchee.


2005 Schedule/Results (3-3):

Mar 26 @ Umpqua Valley Knights


Apr 6 - Okanogan Commandos 23-20
Apr 23 - Northwest Avalanche 27-9
Apr 30 @ Okanogan Commandos 17-31
May 14 - Willamette Valley Raiders 23-60
June 4 - Renton Ravens 0-13
2006 Schedule/Results (9-1):  
Mar 18 - Umpqua Valley Knights 21-0
Apr 1 @ Eugene Dragons 70-0
Apr 8 - Bothell Bulldogs W FFT
Apr 15 - Pierce County Knights 14-0
Apr 22 @ Olympic Peninsula Eagles 35-0
Apr 29 - Skagit Valley Lightning 7-6
May 6 - Eugene Dragons 74-0
May 13 - Willamette Valley Raiders 21-20
May 20 @ Pierce County Knights 40-7
June 3 - Northwest Avalanche * 41-7
June 17 @ Seattle Stallions ** 7-12
2007 Schedule/Results (14-1):  
Mar 17 @ Oregon Monarchs (Capital City Challenge) 32-0
Mar 24 - Yakima Mavericks 33-15
Mar 31 - Valley Mustangs 20-0
Apr 7 @ Lakewood Wolves 42-0
Apr 14 @ Lane County Dragons 96-6
Apr 21 - Lakewood Wolves 49-8
Apr 28 - Renton Ravens 61-6
May 5 @ West Sound Saints 20-14
May 12 @ Skagit Valley Lightning 84-7
May 19 - Lane County Dragons 105-0
June 2 @ Northwest Avalanche


June 9 - Northwest Avalanche *


June 16 - Valley Mustangs **

June 23 - High Desert Lightning ^ 47-2
June 30 @ Blue Mountain Stars # 10-31
2008 Schedule/Results (8-4):  
Mar 15 - Oregon Monarchs 38-12
Mar 29 @ Tacoma Invaders 52-0
Apr 5 @ Yakima Mavericks 21-28
Apr 12 - Okanogan Commandos 28-3
Apr 19 @ Bellingham Bulldogs 12-6
Apr 26 - Columbia Basin Riverhawks 41-0
May 3 @ Blue Mountain Stars 17-20
May 10 - Tri City Knights 34-14
May 17 - Wenatchee Rams 20-24
May 24 @ Skagit Valley Lightning 39-2
May 31 -Washington Cavaliers (Capital City Challenge) 14-0
June 7 @ Okanogan Commandos % 15-21
  % Evergreen League Playoffs  
2009 Schedule/Results (6-3):  
Apr 4 - Wenatchee Rams 26-7
Apr 11 - Spokane Wolfpack 16-0
Apr 18 @ Yakima Mavericks 3-28
Apr 25 - Blue Mountain Stars 28-29
May 2 @ Hells Canyon Thunder 42-6
May 9 - Oregon Thunderbolts W FFT
May 16 @ North Sound Sting 43-6
May 23 @ Okanogan Commandos 31-0
May 30 - Columbia Basin Riverhawks 31-7
June 6 - Wenatchee Rams % 24-31
  % Washington League Playoffs  
2010 Schedule/Results (5-6)  
Mar 13 @ Portland Monarchs (Border War) 9-33
Mar 20 @ Wenatchee Rams 39-13
Mar 27 @ Spokane Wolfpack 15-34
Apr 3 - Yakima Mavericks 21-14
Apr 10 @ Hermiston Hurricanes 7-13
Apr 17 @ Renton Ravens 7-39
Apr 24 - Palouse Thunder 37-8
May 8 - North Sound Sting 67-0
May 15 - Okanogan Commandos 23-26
May 22 @ Columbia Basin Riverhawks 47-23
June 5 @ Wenatchee Rams % 17-38
 % Washington League Playoffs  
2011 Schedule/Results (6-5)  
Apr 16 @ Rogue Warriors 48-7
Apr 23 @ Grays Harbor Bearcats 17-34
Apr 30 @ Yakima Mavericks 23-13
May 7 - Kitsap Bears 17-20
May 14 - Vancouver Vipers 30-36
May 21 @ South King Colts 29-36
June 4 @ Southern Oregon Renegades 7-15
June 11 - Oregon Outlaws 16-12
June 18 - Bellingham Bulldogs 42-8
June 25 @ Snohomish Vikings 33-27OT
July 9 - Grays Harbor Bearcats 37-34
2012 Schedule/Results (0-3)  
Apr 14 - Tacoma Invaders L FFT
Apr 21 @ Bellingham Bulldogs 12-53
Apr 28 - Southern Oregon Renegades (Tumwater) 13-17
May 5 - Yakima Mavericks 6-48
May 12 @ Portland Raiders L FFT
May 19 @ Pierce County Bengals Canceled
June 2 @ Grays Harbor Bearcats Canceled
June 9 - Springfield Buzzards Canceled
June 16 - Snohomish Vikings Canceled
June 23 - South King Colts Canceled
* PNFC Playoffs  
** PNFC Championship  
^ GNFA Qualifier  
# GNFA Championship  

2011 was a season of change as new owners Kelly Time and David Combs led the team to Lakewood as it's new home base.  Even the teams' website, once packed with stats, history and up-to-the-minute information was changed for a simpler less informative format with no current roster information or game scores.  This foreshadowed the change was not going to be good for what the team fathers' had put together.  Gone as well was offensive leader and all-everything running back David Minnis as military duty sent him to Arizona.  A roller coaster season ensued as the team won two of three before skidding for four games.  All four of the losses could have been turned into victories, but a lack of leadership cost South Sound.  Rebounding the final part of the season South Sound won it's final four games to finish 6-5 leading to hopes of a new beginning after a rough transition.



2012 got off to an inauspicious start as a scheduled game with the Tacoma Invaders was called off when a field conflict arose and South Sound was left without a location to host the season opener.

South Sound headed to Bellingham for a meeting with the Bulldogs.  The Shockers had never lost a game north of Seattle, but this wasn't the old Shockers and they were blown away.


Looking like a team on the rebound, they faced and led at halftime 2011 PFL South Champion Southern Oregon before falling 17-13.


Yakima came to town and what was an even rivalry in years past floated into the night sky as the Mavericks rolled up 34 unanswered 2nd half points, sending the team to it's first ever 0-3 start.


Information from PFL leadership indicated that management was seeking extensions on financial obligations as early as April because of lack of player fees being collected and team leaders failing to secure sponsorships.


On Friday night of May 11th, the PFL was informed the Shockers would forfeit the game with Portland on the following Saturday, and thus ending in disgrace what was once heralded by other owners during the early seasons as the shining example of how to operate a minor league team in the Northwest.  The team lost more than games on the field in it's final season and a half, it lost the high standard of excellence it was built on from 2005-2010 and along with it, it's respect.  This was evident and noticed by former opponents who saw a team that was proud of it's uniforms and looking like a unified team during the Matychowiak years, to a team with some helmet decals, some without, mismatched color schemes for socks and accessories, including facemasks.  Little things that were never allowed to happen in years past when pride and respect were paramount.