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 King County Jaguars (1999 - Present)

Years of Operation: 1999 - 2009


Overall Record:  78-37


First Game: June 19, 1999 @ Oregon Panthers


First Win: June 19, 1999 @ Oregon Panthers


Final Game: Oct 3, 2009 @ Portland Raiders


League Affiliation:  


Northwest Football League (1999-2007)

North American Football League Affiliate (2003-2007)

Minor League Football Association (2006-07)

North American Football League Northwest (2008-09)


Team Headquarters: Kent, WA

Owner: Jeff Scott (1999-2007) King County Jaguars LLC (2008-09)


General Manager: Jeff Scott (1999-2004) Lorie Jean Rarey (2005-09)



Jeff Scott (HC - 1999-2007) Mike Astley (HC -2008-09)


Home Field(s): French Field, Kent, WA

Titles Won

2005 Northwest Football League Champions

2006 Northwest Football League Champions

2007 Northwest Football League Champions

2007 North American League Pacific Champions

2007 MLFA West Region Champions



Jeff Scott 2007 MLFN Hall of Fame Inductee (Coach)

Anthony Montgomery (WR) 2007 NAFL All-Star Player of the Game

Pete Johnson - DT 2002 Defensive Rookie of the Year
Jackie Tripoli - DB 2002 Defensive Rookie of the Year
Edgar Perez, DT 2002 Defensive Rookie of the Year

Malachi Dewalt RB 2002 NWFL MVP

Milton Meyers ST 2003 NWFL MVP

Delano Edgecomb RB 2003 Offensive Rookie of Year

Malachi Dewalt RB 2003 NWFL Offensive MVP

Jeff Scott 2003 NWFL Coach of the Year

Milton Meyers ST 2003 NWFL Special Teams MVP

Dion Alexander LB 2004 NWFL Defensive MVP

Malachi Dewalt RB 2004 NWFL Offenive MVP

Lorie Rarey 2005 NWFL GM of the Year

Rashaad Fontenot OG NWFL Offensive Rookie o Year

Leo Dickerson QB NWFL Offensive MVP

Jeff Scott 2005 NWFL Coach of the Year

Dion Alexander LB 2005 NWFL Defensive MVP

Milton Meyers ST 2005 NWFL Special Teams MVP

Vernon Word RB 2006 NWFL Offensive Rookie of Year

Jeff Scott 2006 NWFL Coach of the Year

Dion Alexander LB 2006 NWFL Defensive MVP

Vernon Word RB 2006 Special Teams Rookie of Year

Michael Bush WR 2007 NWFL Offensive Rookie Year

Nathan Proctor RB 2007 NWFL Offensive MVP
Michael Bush WR 2007 NWFL Offensive MVP

Fred Hardwell DT 2007 NWFL Defensive MVP

Mike Astley PK/P 2007 NWFL Special Teams MVP



Leo Dickerson QB - (99 NWFL Hon Men; 2004 Hon Men; 2005 1st; 2007 3rd) CB (2006 Hon Men)

Dwayne Buckley RB - (99 NWFL Hon Men) KR (99 NWFL 2nd)

Fred Hardwell DT - (99 NWFL 3rd; 2006 1st; 2007 1st)

Chuck Jackson FS - (99 NWFL 2nd)

Darold Gainer CB - (99 NWFL 3rd, 2000 Hon Men)

Toby Delgado DE - (2000 NWFL 2nd; 2001 2nd)

Roby Groves MLB - (2000 NWFL Hon Men)

Tommy Thompson LB - (2000 NWFL Hon Men; 2001 Hon Men; 2003 2nd; 2003 NAFL Hon Men)

Brett Wieburg S - (2000 NWFL Hon Men)

Jeff Hill S - (2000 NWFL Hon Men; 2001 3rd; 2004 1st)

Ernie Populus CB - (2000 NWFL 2nd; 2002 Hon Men)

Derrick Smith QB - (2000 NWFL Hon Men) WR - (2000 NWFL Hon Men)

Hakeem McCallister WR - (2000 NWFL 3rd,2001 3rd; 2002 2nd; 2005 Hon Men; 2003 NAFL Hon Men) KR (2000 NWFL 3rd; 2003 3rd)

Lance Salisbury OL - (2000 NWFL 2nd)

Richard Black PK - (2000 NWFL 3rd; 2001 2nd; 2002 2nd; 2003 1st)

Michael Dwyer KR - (2000 NWFL Hon Men)

Jamal Chapman QB - (2001 NWFL Hon Men)

Kahleeq Abdul-Aziz OL (2001 NWFL Hon Men; 2005 2nd)

Michael Bible KR (2001 NWFL Hon Men)

Chris Springs CB (2001 NWFL Hon Men)

Nick Caldwell DE (2002 NWFL 3rd; 2004 3rd; 2005 3rd)

Mike Reidy PK (2002 NWFL 2nd)

Malachi Dewalt RB (2002 NWFL 2nd; 2003 1st; 2003 NAFL 1st; 2004 2nd)'FB (2003 3rd)

Vic Tuli C (2002 NWFL 2nd; 2003 2nd)

Marquis Richards OG (2002 NWFL Hon Men)

Delano Edgecomb RB (2003 NWFL 3rd; 2003 NAFL Hon Men) KR (2006 Hon Men)

Landon Bishop TE (2003 NWFL Hon Men)

Dave Melugin OG (2003 NWFL 3rd)

Larry Fowler OT (2003 NWFL 3rd: 2004 Hon Men; 2005 1st; 2006 1st) DT (2004 Hon Men)

Gregg Kinnunen OT (2003 NWFL Hon Men)

Andre Zahnjko PK (2003 NWFL Hon Men; 2004 1st; 2005 1st) P (2003 3rd)

Milton Meyers KR (2003 NWFL Hon Men; 2005 1st) FS (2003 1st; 2005 1st; 2007 Hon Men) PR (2003 Hon Men; 2005 1st; 2003 NAFL Hon Men)

Carlos Clark ST (2003 NWFL 1st) PR (2004 NWFL 1st; 2006 3rd) WR (2005 NWFL 1st) KR (2006 2nd) FS (2007 Hon Men) CB (2007 3rd)

Tony Bates DT (2003 NWFL Hon Men)

Jackie Triplett DE (2003 NWFL 1st; 2003 NAFL Hon Men)

D. Caldwell DB (2003 NWFL 3rd)

Robert Brown MLB (2003 NWFL 3rd; 2004 3rd; 2005 3rd; 2006 Hon Men; 2007 2nd)

Dion Alexander LB (2003 NWFL 1st; 2004 1st; 2005 1st; 2006 1st; 2007 1st; 2003 NAFL Hon Men)

Denetric Williams SS (2003 NWFL Hon Men; 2005 1st)

Cedric Mars CB (2003 NWFL 2nd)

Anthony Gaynes CB (2003 NWFL Hon Men; 2005 1st)

Willie Stewart LB (2004 NWFL 3rd; 2005 2nd; 2006 2nd; 2007 Hon Men)

McDaniel Proctor FB (2004 NWFL Hon Men) RB (2005 NWFL 2nd)

Rico Brown WR (2004 NWFL Hon Men)

Ron Livingston C (2004 NWFL Hon Men; 2005 1st; 2006 1st)

Andre Edwards RB (2005 NWFL 3rd)

Kenneth Jackson WR (2005 NWFL 3rd; 2006 Hon Men) QB (2006 3rd) FS (2006 Hon Men)

Keith Jones OG (2005 NWFL 1st; 2006 2nd)

Rashaad Fontenot OG (2005 NWFL 1st)

Patrick Gilbert DT (2005 NWFL 3rd)

Kaeka Frank MLB (2005 NWFL 2nd)

Lehman Jones LB (2005 NWFL Hon Men)

Duane Brown CB (2005 NWFL 1st; 2006 1st)

Vernon Word RB (2006 NWFL 2nd; 2009-NAFL West All Star)

Nathan Proctor RB (2006 NWFL 3rd; 2007 1st) FB (2007 NWFL 1st)

Geoff Mollichi FB (2006 NWFL 2nd)

Matt Cole TE (2006 NWFL 3rd)

Jon Hammersmark OT (2006 NWFL 1st)

Shawn Lovelace DT (2006 NWFL Hon Men)

Washington Mose DT (2006 NWFL 2nd Team)

Tutu Tamaalevea DT (2006 NWFL Hon Men)

Nathan Hale III SS (2006 NWFL 3rd) FS (2006 Hon Men)

Michael Bush WR (2007 NWFL 1st; 2008-NAFL West All Star)

Anthony Montgomery WR (2007 NWFL Hon Men)

Andrew Pina OG (2007 NWFL 2nd)

Ryan Wood OT (2007 NWFL 2nd)

Mike Astley PK (2007 NWFL 1st) P (2007 NWFL 2nd)

Malachi Dewalt H (2007 NWFL 1st)

Mitchell Johnson DE (2007 NWFL 2nd) DT (2007 Hon Men)

Terrence Stitt DE (2007 NWFL Hon Men)

Jeremiah Captain CB (2007 NWFL 2nd)

Marcus Brooks, DB (2008 NAFL All-Star)

Ejai Curran, WR (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Brandon Johnson, DB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Rabbit Vasa, QB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Casey Hughes, QB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Duante Barnett, TE (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Fred Hawthorne, DB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Lorenzo Haynes, DB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

John Monte, WR (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Pat McGlynn, LB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Samuel Porter, FB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Joshua Fider, FB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Trevis Mayo, RB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Adam Bauer, DB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Kevin Flanagan, P/K (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Marcus McCleary, LB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Gerard Warren, DL (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Tim Harris, LB (2008-NAFL Wast All Star)

Eddie Webb, OL (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Patrick Davis, LB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Artineze Kelly, LB (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Andrew Pina, OL (2008-NAFL West All Star)

David Palm, OL (2008-NAFL West All Star)

Zach Shulze, DL (2009-NAFL West 1st)

Garret Cayson, TE (2008-NAFL West All Star; 2009-NAFL West 2nd)

Sheadrah Manning, FB (2009-NAFL West 2nd)



Malachi Dewalt RB 2002 AFA Hon Men

Malachi Dewalt RB 2002 NFE 3rd Team

Hakeem McCallister WR 2002 AFA Hon Men

Richard Black PK 2002 AFA Hon Men

Milton Meyers KR/PR 2003 NFE 1st Team

Dion Alexander LB 2003 NFE Hon Men

Malachi Dewalt RB 2003 NFE Hon Men

Milton Meyers PR/KR MLFN 1st Team

Andre Zahnjko P MLFN 1st Team




Former football player Jeff Scott began his Northwest Football League (NWFL) career as the Defensive Coordinator for the NWFL Seattle Blue Devils, a position he held from 1996-1999. Prior to the start of the 1999 NWFL season, Coach Scott began purchase negotiations with the Seattle Blue Devils organization. An agreement could not be reached and Coach Scott left the Seattle Blue Devils to form the King County Jaguars.

In their maiden season of 1999, Owner and Head Coach Scott lead the Jaguars to a 3-6 record. The 2000 season saw the Jaguars finish with a 5-7 record.

During the 2002 season, the Jaguars went 5-4 for the season and French Field, located at Kent Meridian High School in Kent, became the official home field of the King County Jaguars.

In 2003 the King County Jaguars acquired players from the powerhouse Puget Sound Jets which had folded following the 2002 season and went on to finish the NWFL regular season with the best record and won their first ever NWFL playoff game against the Multnomah County Buccaneers on September 6, 2003, by the score of 24 to 7. The Jaguars then advanced to the NWFL Championship game. The Jaguars came up short of the NWFL title loosing to the Eastside Hawks, (owned by the then Seattle Seahawk, Sam Adams), by a score of 27 to 17.

The 2003 season also brought the King County Jaguars their first ever North American Football League (NAFL) playoff game against the South Ogden Rhino-Raiders in Utah. The Jaguars traveled to Utah and lost by the score of 20-2.

In 2004 the Jaguars finished the NWFL regular season with an 8-2 record and an 8-4 overall record. The Jaguars again traveled to play the South Ogden Rhino-Raiders in NAFL playoff game and lost 34-18.

In 2005 the Jaguar organization brought on a new General Manager, Lorrie Jean Rarey. Ms. Rarey, a Certified Public Accountant with a firm in Auburn, Washington was a valuable addition to the business side of the organization. Rarey brought on a skilled (volunteer) staff to help with the organizations administrative duties and game day preparations. With the business administration, staffing and finances of the organization being handled by Rarey, Coach Scott was able to focus his full attention on the team. He then compiled a team of football players including those who had played for the National Champion Eastside Hawks which had disbanded following the 2004 season, and a coaching staff with years of football experience. This nucleus of combined talent produced the greatest team in King County Jaguar history.

2005 saw the Jaguars win the NWFL Championship 21 to 6 over the West Sound Saints of Silverdale, Washington. As NWFL champions the 2005 King County Jaguar team entered into the NAFL national tournament. The Jaguars advanced all the way to the NAFL Championship game at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Florida. There they competed against the three time NAFL Champion Central Pennsylvania Piranha team. The Piranha defeated the Jaguars by the score of 28 to 3.

The 2005 Jaguars advanced to the NAFL championship game by defeating two undefeated teams: the Dallas Diesel 27-24, and the Arkansas Rhinos 55-22. The King County Jaguars ended their 2005 season as the 2005 Minor League Football News #1 AAA Ranked Western Regional Summer/Fall Semi-Professional football team. The Jaguars had their best winning season ever with an overall record of 14-1.

In 2006 the King County Jaguars defended their 2005 NWFL title, again defeating the West Sound Saints in the NWFL Championship with a score of 14 to 7. In that same year the King County Jaguars became members of the Minor League Football Association (MLFA West). The Jaguars played for the MLFA West National Championship against the Bay Tickets Inc. 49ers at Golden Gate Park's historic Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, CA. In this championship game the Jaguars held the lead against the home town 49er team at 14 to 13 for most of the game, but with 7 seconds remaining in the game the 49ers kicked a 25 yard field goal to win the game 16-14.  The Jaguars pulled out of the NAFL playoffs after being asked to travel to Dallas to take on the Diesel.

For 2006, the Jaguars were also the champions of the first ever Kent Cornucopia Bowl. The Jaguars finished their 2006 season with an overall record of 11-1.  On July 29, the Jaguars opted not to play league opponent Multnomah in favor of a more reliable opponent in the EFL's Yakima Mavericks.

On April 1, 2007 the structure and ownership of the Jaguars changed. The team is now owned and operated by King County Jaguars Football, LLC, an ownership group that consisted of Jaguars long time owner, Jeff Scott, General Manager, Lorrie Jean Rarey and her husband Rob Rarey and Norm Larson and his wife Kim Larson, Norm is a prominent local businessman. Norm and his wife Kim have been long time supporters of the Jaguars through their company, Centre Pointe Consulting. The Larson’s are also the owners of the Big Red Barn, a historical building in downtown Kent.

In 2007 the King County Jaguars won their third consecutive Northwest Football League Championship, the Minor League Football Association West Championship (by defeating the Blue Mountain Stars 29-0) and the NAFL Pacific Coast Division title. On October 27th, the Jaguars faced the defending NAFL National Champion, Dallas TX Diesel, in round four of the NAFL playoffs. The Jaguars scored late in the 4th quarter to take the lead on the Diesel 19-18 but on Dallas's next possession, the Diesel drove the ball down field getting close enough to kick a 31 yard field goal with 34 seconds remaining in the game. With less than a minute left, the Jaguars were unable to get within field goal range and lost the game 21-19. The Jaguars finished the 2007 season ranked #5 in the nation by the Minor League Football News poll and #1 of all 5 Northwest leagues, (a total of 38 teams) with a 14-1 season record.

After the Jaguars heartbreaking loss to the Dallas Diesel in the fourth round of the 2007 NAFL playoffs, owner and Head Coach Jeff Scott made the difficult decision to retire from coaching. He subsequently relinquished his remaining ownership in the organization and is now starting a new team in the Northwest Football League, the Puget Sound Titans.

At the end of the 2007 season, the Jaguar ownership group made the decision to leave the Northwest Football League, where they had played since their inception, and moved fully into the North American Football League.

November 12, 2007 King County Jaguar WR Anthony Montgomery was named the 2007 North American Football League National All-Star Player of the Game in Vegas Nevada. On December 8, 2007 Jaguars long time Coach, Jeff Scott, was inducted into the Minor-League Football Hall of Fame in Mesquite Nevada.

On January 4, 2008 the King County Jaguars announced the hiring of veteran player and coach, Mike Astley, as the Jaguars new Head Coach.  The Jags struggled in the NAFL NW eventually playing its final games of 2008 with only 17 players but inexplicably 25 "All Star" selections from a 4-6 team while Champion British Columbia had only one.


2009 Did not start out any better as the Jags were blasted in their first three outings by a combined 134-0.  They finally broke through in the win column with a victory over the hapless Thunder of the CFL.  The Jags finished 2-10 in 2010, their final defeat coming at the hands of the Portland Raiders in the NAFL Northwest playoffs.


Following the 2009 season, coach Astley left to form the Eastside Xtreme and the Jaguars franchise slipped into history.

1999 Schedule/Results (3-6):  
June 19 @ Oregon Panthers 43-6
June 26 Oregon Thunderbolts 12-27
July 10 @ Pierce County Bengals 0-19
July 17 Washington Cavaliers 6-29
July 24 @ Snohomish County Vikings 6-36
July 31 @ Puget Sound Jets 8-34
Aug 7 @ Bellingham Eagles 6-37
Aug 14 Eastside Chiefs W FFT
Aug 21 Seattle Blue Devils 36-0
Aug 28 Oregon Panthers 22-0
2000 Schedule/Results (5-7):  
May 20 Washington Cavaliers 27-12
May 27 @ West Sound Orcas 18-24
June 4 Snohomish County Vikings 13-8
June 10 Puget Sound Jets 6-25
June 24 @ Oregon Thunderbolts 18-48
July 8 @ Oregon Panthers 42-6
July 15 Pierce County Bengals 15-20
July 29 @ Multnomah County Buccaneers 23-14
Aug 5 Bellingham Eagles 7-6
Aug 12 Columbia Cougars 14-19
Aug 19 @ Washington Cavaliers 14-28
Aug 26 @ Eastside Chiefs 24-27
2001 Schedule/Results (7-4):  
May 19 @ West Sound Orcas 21-6
June 9 @ Snohomish County Vikings 20-13
June 16 Eastside Chiefs 30-22
June 23 Multnomah County Buccaneers 19-12
June 30 @ Pierce County Bengals 15-20
July 14 @ Puget Sound Jets 0-33
July 21 Oregon Panthers


July 28  @ West Sound Orcas 26-0
Aug 4 Oregon Thunderbolts 17-20
Aug 11 @ Bellingham Eagles 10-28
Aug 25 Washington Cavaliers 29-6
2002 Schedule/Results (5-4):  
May 18 @ Renton Ravens 38-28
June 8 Multnomah County Buccaneers 10-21
June 15 Pierce County Bengals 10-0
June 22 @ Eastside Hawks 14-17 OT
June 29 @ Washington Cavaliers 27-3
July 13 Puget Sound Jets 15-29
July 27 West Sound Orcas 42-18
Aug 10 Snohomish County Vikings 38-17
Aug 18 Willamette Valley Raiders 34-38
2003 Schedule/Results (9-3):  
June 14 @ West Sound Orcas 30-6
June 21 Washington Cavaliers 57-6
June 28 @ Snohomish County Vikings 30-0
July 12 Oregon Thunderbolts 35-0
July 19 @ Willamette Valley Raiders 17-33
July 26 Multnomah County Buccaneers 48-7
Aug 2 @ Pierce County Bengals 16-3
Aug 9 Renton Ravens 17-7
Aug 16 Eastside Hawks 18-15
Sept 6 Multnomah County Buccaneers* 24-7
Sept 13 Eastside Hawks** 17-27
Sept 27 @ South Ogden Rhino-Raiders^ 2-20
2004 Schedule/Results (8-4):  
June 12 @ Eastside Hawks 0-28
June 19 West Sound Saints 6-38
June 26 @ Washington Cavaliers 43-7
July 10 Willamette Valley Raiders 18-15
July 17 Apple Valley Bucks 37-17
July 24 @ Renton Ravens 26-3
July 31 @ Multnomah County Buccaneers 28-6
Aug 14 Pierce County Bengals 33-14
Aug 21 @ Oregon Thunderbolts 30-0
Aug 28 Snohomish County Vikings 37-7
Sept 11 @ West Sound Saints* 10-16
Sept 25 @ South Ogden Rhino-Raiders^ 18-34
2005 Schedule/Results (13-1):  
June 11 Renton Ravens 47-6
June 18 @ Snohomish County Vikings 49-3
June 25 @ Pierce County Bengals 55-7
July 9 Washington Cavaliers 69-0
July 16 @ Willamette Valley Raiders 12-7
July 23 Oregon Thunderbolts 44-0
July 30 @ West Sound Saints 24-14
Aug 13 Multnomah County Buccaneers W FFT
Aug 20 Northwest Avalanche 64-0
Aug 27 @ Renton Ravens 54-6
Sept 10 Oregon Thunderbolts* 26-14
Sept 17 West Sound Saints** 21-6
Sept 22 Dallas Diesels^ 27-24
Sept 29 Arkansas Rhinos^ 55-22
Nov 12 Central Penn Piranha# (Orlando, FL) 3-28
2006 Schedule/Results (11-1):  
June 17 Snohomish County Vikings 16-3
June 24 Yakima Scorpions 68-0
July 8 @ Renton Ravens 28-12
July 15 West Sound Saints 20-7
July 22 Oregon Thunderbolts 27-7
July 29 Yakima Mavericks 36-0
July 29 Multnomah County Buccaneers L FFT
Aug 5 @ Pierce County Bengals 18-6
Aug 12 Willamette Valley Raiders 23-14
Aug 19 @ Washington Cavaliers 41-0
Aug 26 Oregon Thunderbolts* 21-6
Sept 9 West Sound Saints** 14-7
Oct 14 @ Bay Ticket 49ers% San Francisco 14-16
Oct 28 @ Dallas Diesels^ L FFT
2007 Schedule/Results (13-1):  
May 5 Lakewood Wolves W FFT
June 9 Pierce County Bengals 44-7
June 16 Renton Ravens 19-12
June 23 @ Oregon Thunderbolts 28-7
June 30 Seattle Stallions 34-0
June 14 West Sound Saints 56-14
July 21 Washington Cavaliers 37-7
July 28 @ West Sound Saints 48-0
Aug 4 Multnomah County Buccaneers W FFT
Aug 11 @ Willamette Valley Raiders 6-3
Aug 18 @ Snohomish County Vikings 49-0
Aug 26 Olympic Peninsula Eagles% 70-0
Sept 8 Willamette Valley Raiders* 30-6
Sept 15 Oregon Thunderbolts** 34-0
Sept 29 Blue Mountain Stars% 29-0
Oct 27 Dallas Diesels^ 19-21
2008 Schedule/Results (4-6):  
June 28 Kitsap County Bears 44-7
July 12 British Columbia Spartans 6-43
July 19 @ Valley Mustangs 42-0
July 26 East County Blackshirts 7-26
Aug 9 @ British Columbia Spartans 7-17
Aug 16 Southern Oregon Renegades 13-23
Aug 23 @ East County Blackshirts 3-44
Sept 6 @ Kitsap County Bears 17-13
Sept 13 @ Southern Oregon Renegades 20-36
Sept 20 Valley Mustangs 18-8
2009 Schedule/Results (2-10):  
May 16 @ Yakima Mavericks 0-64
May 30 - Snohomish County Vikings 0-41
June 6 - Grays Harbor Bearcats 0-29
July 11 - West Sound Saints 14-27
July 18 - Snohomish County Thunder 39-12
Aug 1 - Southern Oregon Renegades 0-35
Aug 8 - Bellingham Bulldogs 7-53
Aug 15 @ West Sound Saints 10-7
Aug 29 @ Bellingham Bulldogs 0-29
Sept 12 @ Southern Oregon Renegades 0-53
Sept 19 - Kitsap County Bears 18-21
Oct 3 @ Portland Raiders ^ 6-27
*NWFL Playoffs  
**NWFL Championship  
^NAFL Playoffs  
#NAFL Championship  
%MLFA Playoffs