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Vancouver Cubs (1953-1955)


Years of Operation: 1953-1955


Overall Record


First Game:


First Win:


Final Game:

League Affiliation:

British Columbia Intermediate League (1953-1955)  



Team Headquarters:

Parent Team: British Columbia Lions (CFL)


General Manager: Annis Stukis


Coaches: Lorne Cullen (HC-1953) George Brown (Line-1953)


Home Field(s):

Titles Won

1954 B.C. Intermediate Football League Champions







1953 Players:

Lorne Cullen

Bob Redkey (American import)

Wendell Green

Bob Sikorski

Vic Chapman - PK

Norm Fieldgate

Peter Smith

Lorne Reid

Marv Cross (American import)

Ray Willsey

Arnie Hallgren



1955 Players:

Chuck Dubuque

Bill Stuart - PK

Ed Hamilton

Lorne Cullen - QB


The Vancouver Cubs were the foundation for the BC Lions founded by Annis Stukus in 1953 and entered into the CFL in 1954.  The Cubs would be the "official" feeder team for the BC Lions through 1955 allowing young players to gain valuable experience.


The Cubs and Seattle Ramblers played with unique rules in place for their matchup in 1953 using Canadian rules in the first half and American rules in the second half.


The Cubs became the "uncrowned" champs of the B.C. Intermediate football league with their second win over Oak Bay and 5th Consecutive.  The Drakes, however, refused to put up their crown in the match.

Arnie Hallgren, Pete von Harten, Bill Stuart and Cliff Miller accounted for the Cubs' scoring.  Hallgren and Miller each scored twice.


Norm Fieldgate, cut by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, came out west and played 4-5 games with the Cubs before returning to Regina for the winter.  When the Cubs were elevated to BC Lions in 1954, Norm "The Mouse" was the first player signed.  He played 14 years missing only 1 game.  56 years after signing with BC, Fieldgate is still working with the Lions.


The Lions dropped their sponsorship of the Cubs in January 1956 when executives decided the younger players were not ready to make the move to the pros and decided importing American talent was the better way to go.  Keeping the Cubs was not worth the expense to them.

1953 Schedule/Results (1-0):

Sep 19 - Victoria Vampires 56-3
Sep 26 @ Univ. of British Columbia T-birds 1-11
Oct 31 - Kamloops Kougars 53-0
Nov 6 - Victoria Vampires  
Nov 22 @ Seattle Ramblers 7-6
1954 Schedule/Results (5-0):  
Nov 6 @ Oak Bay Drakes 12-0
Nov 14 - Oak Bay Drakes * 29-0
  * British Columbia Intermediate Championship
1955 Schedule/Results (1-0):  
Sep 17 - Univ. of British Columbia T-birds 9-7
- Seattle Ramblers 5-11







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