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  Legend of the Game


Phil Pompeo

SeaTac/Burien Flyers 1973; 1978
West Seattle Warhawks
Auburn Panthers 1984-1987
Seattle Cavaliers 1990
Portland Prowlers (IPFL) 2000
Snohomish County Vikings 1996-1998; 2001



Recently discharged from the Navy where he played for the Long Beach Naval Air Station team, Pompeo jumped on board with the SeaTac Flyers in 1973 and played center until a devastating knee injury ended his on-field playing days as quickly as they had started, but ignited a new fire off the field.  He became one of the youngest General Managers of a semi pro team at the age of 22, running the Flyers behind the scenes.  Everything from practice schedules to gear checkout ran across his "desk".  Tim Robinson, founder of the Flyers hired Phil as a sports editor which doubled as a great way to keep the Flyers in the public eye week in and week out.


Pompeo became one of the most prolific offensive coaches in the Northwest and in 1984 founded what is still regarded as the single most dominant team in the regions' rich history.  The Auburn Panthers under Phil's leadership as general manager, would reel off 57-consecutive victories setting a National record and being named the AMLFA National Champions in 1986.


In 1990-91, Pompeo took his semi pro knowledge to try and help turn around the Tyee High School program amidst a 30+ game losing streak.  The team would finally break through in 1993 notching it's first win in 47 trys.


Pompeo would close out his career in the Indoor Professional ranks taking the Portland Prowlers to the IPFL Championship game in 2000 with fellow Hall of Famer, Richard Harris as his head coach.



2015 American Football Association Hall of Fame




Biography notes credited to Tim Robinson, founder of SeaTac Flyers.