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  Northwest War Industries Football League (1942)


1942 Champion:  Seattle Shipbuilders

1943 Champion: 


Commissioner: Chester "Cotton" Wilcox (1942)

Jim Mandas (1943)


Portland Boilermakers (1942)

Vancouver Warcos (1942)

West Seattle Athletic Club/Seattle Shipbuilders (1942)

Spokane Manlowes (1942)

Ellensburg Air Corps Engineers (1943)



1942 Standings



The War Industries League was formed in August of 1942 with 4 teams.  A possible Tacoma entrant did not take shape.


Commissioner Wilcox, in an Associated Press story on Sep 14, 1942 announced that 52% of all league profits would go to military servicemen's funds.  Jay Grabeal was announced as being unavailable to travel to Spokane because of work commitments.


Wilcox and Edwin Atherton, commissioner of the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Conference, locked horns verbally over the question of future amateur status of the athletes competing in the war industries league.


Atherton had taken a hard stance and "Athertonized" many collegiate athletes who had played on teams with pros and ex-pros.  Wilcox argued that due to the war setting, and the previous ruling following World War I, that athletes had their amateur status reinstated following the war-time sports.  Wilcox stated there should be no difference between the kids competing for military teams alongside former pros and the kids playing for war-industry teams as both squads were products of war-time conditions which in themselves call for a different set of rules.


The Shipbuilders won the league championship after losing to the Manlowes in the opener. They reeled off six-straight victories including a 14-0 win over the Bremerton Red Raiders for the Northwest Independent title.


1942 W L T PF PA
Seattle Shipbuilders 6 1 0 137 23
Portland Boilermakers 4 2 0 187 16
Vancouver Warcos 1 3 1 29 136
Spokane Manlowes 1 3 1 43 171