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  Professional Developmental Football League (2009-2011)




Tacoma Cobras (2009-2011)

Bellingham Blitz (2009-2010)

Oregon Thunderbolts (2009-2010)

Snohomish County Vikings (2009)

Boise Buccaneers (2010-2011)

Salt Lake City Crush (2011 - Never Played)

Bend Mountaineers (2011 - Never Formed)


Organized by Mike Erickson and Tom Abbott after the NLFL failed to get off the ground.  The PDFL website was built as a page on the Tacoma Cobras website but carried very little information throughout the season and made tracking games and scores very difficult.


2009 Champion:  Tacoma Cobras (6-1)

2010 Champion:  Tacoma Cobras (8-1)

2011 Champion:  Tacoma Cobras (5-0)


Commissioner: Theo Hall


The PDFL was born out of the remnants of the Next Level Football League which was touted to be a "professional" league paying it's players and staff and having it's games broadcast on Comcast Sports Net.

When that failed to get off the ground, Tom Abbott approached Mike Erickson of the Oregon Thunderbolts about organizing a league similar to the NLFL but as an amateur venture in 2009 with hopes of being "pro" in 2010.  They were able to recruit Wes Fishers' Snohomish County Vikings along with original NLFL start up team, the Tacoma Cobras.  Those four teams would make up the PDFL and fill in bye dates with various independent teams willing to play "pro" teams.

The Tacoma Cobras shook off a first week set back against the Thunderbolts to win six straight games, including three over the Bellingham Blitz to win the PDFL Championship 36-31 over Bellingham.

The Vikings returned to the amateur ranks in 2010 and to replace them the PDFL accepted the Boise Buccaneers.

Nothing changed with the top 2 teams, however a bad move by the Cobras traveling with a light roster cost them an undefeated season through a shocking upset at the hands of the Buccaneers.  The Thunderbolts couldn't muster much competition and along with Boise forfeited games.  The Cobras were virtually unchallenged by the other members of the PDFL as evidenced by nearly half of their roster (32 players) named as "All-PDFL".  The Blitz made up 18 spots, Boise 4 and Portland had zero selections.

The PDFL announced in November the Salt Lake City Crush and Bend Mountaineers to replace the Oregon Thunderbolts in the league lineup.  The Blitz never formally announced they were leaving the PDFL, but in January showed up on the 2011 schedule for the WWFA, a branch off of the Cascade League where the team originally formed as the Whatcom Raiders.  The Bend team never formed and Salt Lake City failed to make any scheduled games.  Commissioner Theo Hall changed the final regular season game between Tacoma and Boise scheduled to be played in Tacoma, into the "PDFL Bowl III" ending the two-team league season a full month early.  Tacoma had lost most of it's players to other teams due in large part to the collapsing league and the long layoffs between games.

With a makeshift roster, the Cobras easily dominated the weaker Boise squad 40-7 to lay claim to the 2-team PDFL Championship.

2009 Standings:  
Tacoma Cobras  6-1  
Bellingham Blitz   5-3  
Oregon Thunderbolts 5-3  
Snohomish Co. Vikings 4-8  
2010 Standings:  
Tacoma Cobras 8-1  
Bellingham Blitz 5-4  
Boise Buccaneers 2-3  
Oregon Thunderbolts 2-5  
2011 Standings:  
Tacoma Cobras 5-0  
Boise Buccaneers 2-7