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  Pacific Northwest Football Conference (2006-07)


Began organizing in late 2005 through efforts of Dick Seuss and Guy Gabriel.  Had it's first organizational meeting in Tumwater, WA  (3/19/2005)


Commissioner:  Richard Fleck (2006)

President: Guy Gabriel (2006)

Arbitrator: Guy Gabriel (2007)

Secretary: Dick Seuss (2006)

Secretary: Lora Sisk (2007)

Treasurer: Mark Meadows (2006-07)



2006 - Seattle Stallions (11-0)

2007 - South Sound Shockers (14-1)



Olympic Peninsula Eagles (2006)

South Sound Shockers (2006-07)

Pierce County Knights (2006)

Skagit Valley Lightning (2006-07)

Northwest Avalanche (2006-07)

Seattle Stallions (2006)

Eugene/Lane County Dragons (2006-07)

Bothell Bulldogs (2006)

Valley Mustangs (2007)

Lakewood Wolves (2007)


2006 Standings 2006 Schedule/Results:  
Division PNFC Overall


Seattle Stallions 10 0 0 11 0 0
Northwest Avalanche 6 3 0 6 4 0
Olympic Peninsula Eagles 3 5 0 3 5 0
Skagit Valley Lightning 2 6 0 2 6 0


South Sound Shockers 9 1 0 10 1 0
Pierce County Knights 4 5 0 4 6 0
Eugene Dragons 2 6 0 2 6 0
Bothell Bulldogs (suspended) 0 8 0 0 8 0

2007 Standings

Division PNFC Overall


Valley Mustangs 6 2 0 10 5 0
Northwest Avalanche 3 5 0 3 7 0
Skagit Valley Lightning 3 4 0 3 10 0


South Sound Shockers 9 0 0 14 1 0
Lane County Dragons 1 6 0 1 7 0
Lakewood Wolves 1 6 0 1 9 0

Organized for play in 2006, the PNFC was marred by instability with first-time owners beginning with the Bothell Bulldogs and Odell Barnes.  The Bulldogs were accepted into the conference, however just prior to play an insurance check was returned for insufficient funds.  The PNFC was forced to remove the Bulldogs from the schedule and award forfeits to all opponents as it was too close to the season to remake the schedule.

Later in the year, the Skagit Valley Lightning struggled when owner Randy Rogers was deployed with his Naval ship.  The Lightning arrived at a scheduled game with the Shockers late and without uniforms.  The Shockers loaned out uniforms and played the game, even though it was to be ruled a forfeit for PNFC rules violations.  The Lightning were suspended for the remainder of the season.  Finally, at the end of the year, the Seattle Stallions ran into trouble when the management failed to submit statistics as mandated by the rules, thereby forfeiting any nomination of Stallion players to the All-Conference team.  The Stallions would leave for the Northwest Football League the next season.

Originators Dick Seuss and Guy Gabriel would leave, Gabriel moving to Arkansas, and Seuss forming the Cascade Football League with the Olympic Peninsula Eagles as it's flagship member.  Richard Fleck would leave to take the Commissioner spot in the CFL with his longtime friend and business partner.

In 2007 the Pierce County Knights management of Rich Winkle and Brandon Powell decided to split into the Valley Mustangs and Lakewood Wolves, which in hindsight wasn't the best of decisions, as the Wolves failed to finish the season leaving unpaid bills at schools and sporting goods outlets.

Following the 2007 season, financial issues and competition within the Eugene area by two Oregon Football League teams for players forced the shut down of the struggling Lane County Dragons, and the Valley Mustangs ownership opted to join the upstart Northwest division of the North American Football League, along with NWFL stalwarts King County Jaguars and West Sound Saints.  Craig Jackson of the Northwest Avalanche sold off his interest in the team to another ownership group.

With just three remaining members, the Evergreen Football League stepped up and offered to take in the Lightning, Shockers and the newly named Bellingham Bulldogs.  A fourth potential PNFC team, the British Columbia Spartans was not asked to join the EFL, and joined the NAFL-Northwest instead.

The PNFC will always be known as the first league in the region to radicalize special teams play.  Instituting the "1-point kickoff rule",  a team could score an additional point by booting the kickoff through the uprights.  The spirit of the rule was to further penalize teams and players who were flagged for personal fouls following scoring plays.  By marching off the 15-yard penalty and setting up the kick at the 50, the offended team could then tack on the additional point.  Only the Valley Mustangs Mitchell Johnson was able to take advantage of the rule and thereby scored the only point from the new rule.  The South Sound Shockers decimated regional scoring records in 2007 in a number of categories.

2006 All-Conference Selections

QB-J.Stewart (Shockers) QB-B.Alexander (Knights)
RB-M.McKinley (Avalanche) RB-M.Johnson (Shockers)
FB-C.Hagg (Avalanche) FB-J.Releford (Knights)
WR-V.Burress (Shockers) WR-J.Petz (Avalanche)
WR-T.Thomas (Knights) WR-J.Gstohl (Shockers)
TE-D.Combs (Shockers) TE-D.Terry (Avalanche)
OL-B.Claxton (Shockers) OL-M.Nelson (Eagles)
OL-J.Bronn (Avalanche) OL-M.Feirst (Avalanche)
OL-T.Logrande (Avalanche) OL-J.McNally (Shockers)
OL-K.Fee (Avalanche) OL-J.Shumate (Shockers)
OL-K.Hanson (Knights) OL-D.Brown (Dragons)
PK-N.Turner (Shockers) PK-S.Foster (Avalanche)
P-R.Alderman (Shockers) P-S.Foster (Avalanche)
PR-M.Tanaka (Shockers) PR-V.Burruss (Shockers)
KR-B.Savage (Eagles) KR-C.Watson (Avalanche)
DE-A.Grady (Eagles) DE-E.Nelson (Eagles)
DT-D.Dorsey (Shockers) DT-M.Woods (Eagles)
DT-J.Johnson (Avalanche) DT-K.Tomyk (Avalanche)
DE-K.Ponder (Shockers) DE-M.Johnson (Knights)
LB-N.Enciso (Shockers) LB-K.Time (Shockers)
LB-M.G. Tabali (Avalanche) LB-S.Hicks (Avalanche)
LB-G.Reynolds (Knights) LB-D.Cable (Eagles)
DB-M.Tanaka (Shockers) DB-E.Goodman (Shockers)
DB-T.Buholtz (Knights) DB-N.Dahl (Eagles)
DB-R.Alderman (Shockers) DB-C.Zehner (Dragons)
DB-C.Watson (Avalanche) DB-R.Kalalau (Shockers)



2007 All-Conference Selections

First Team Second Team
QB-J.Stewart (Shockers) QB-B.Collins (Lightning)
RB-M.Johnson (Shockers) RB-ISyph Jr. (Mustangs)
FB-T. Smith (Shockers) FB-M.Hall (Lightning)
WR-B.Poeltl (Shockers) WR-B.Hooper (Shockers)
WR-N.Keith (Dragons) WR-A.Montgomery (Mustangs)
TE-T.Nibarger (Lightning) TE-B.Mickens (Shockers)
OL-T.Brock (Shockers) OL-B.Claxton (Shockers)
OL-J.Cole (Shockers) OL-I.Woo (Shockers)
OL-J.McNally (Shockers) OL-B.Howard (Dragons)
OL-B.Lawyer (Dragons) OL-D.Sequiera (Lightning)
OL-T.Bonter (Mustangs) OL-M.Daly (Lightning)
PK-P.Hutnik (Shockers) PK-M.Johnson (Mustangs)
P-M.Johnson (Mustangs) P-K.Flanagan (Lightning)
PR-B.Poeltl (Shockers) PR-T.Tolefree (Mustangs)
KR-B.Poeltl (Shockers) KR-N.Keith (Dragons)
DE-J.Triplett (Shockers) DE-V.Jones (Mustangs)
DT-M.Johnson (Mustangs) DT-B.Lawyer (Dragons)
DT-T.Brock (Shockers) DT-J.Shumate (Shockers)
DE-E.Webster (Shockers) DE-M.Darland (Shockers)
LB-G.Reynolds (Mustangs) LB-N.Mosley (Dragons)
LB-B.Dennis (Shockers) LB-TJ.Stephenson (Lightning)
LB-N.Enciso (Shockers) LB-JR.Kialahi (Lightning)
CB-M.Tanaka (Shockers) CB-T.Tolefree (Mustangs)
CB-S.Howard (Mustangs) CB-A.Sancez (Lightning)
SS-E.Goodman (Shockers) SS-R.Reynolds (Mustangs)
FS-R.Alderman (Shockers) FS-A.Hairston (Mustangs)


Mar 18

Northwest Avalanche 3 Wenatchee Rams 49

Umpqua Valley Knights 0 South Sound Shockers 21

Apr 1

Olympic Peninsula Eagles 18 Northwest Avalanche 27

Seattle Stallions 36 Skagit Valley Lightning 12

Washington Cavaliers 16 Pierce County Knights 12

South Sound Shockers 70 Eugene Dragons 0

Pierce County Knights 1 Bothell Bulldogs 0 FFT

Apr 8

Northwest Avalanche 0 Seattle Stallions 27

Skagit Valley Lightning 24 Olympic Peninsula Eagles 0

Eugene Dragons 12 Pierce County Knights 14

South Sound Shockers 1 Bothell Bulldogs 0 FFT

Apr 15

Olympic Peninsula Eagles 0 Seattle Stallions 32

Skagit Valley Lightning 6 Northwest Avalanche 21

Eugene Dragons 1 Bothell Bulldogs 0 FFT

Pierce County Knights 0 South Sound Shockers 14

Apr 22

Skagit Valley Lightning 1 Bothell Bulldogs 0 FFT

South Sound Shockers 35 Olympic Peninsula Eagles 0

Northwest Avalanche 3 Pierce County Knights 0

Seattle Stallions 64 Eugene Dragons 2

Apr 29

Olympic Peninsula Eagles 1 Bothell Bulldogs 0 FFT

Eugene Dragons 12 Northwest Avalanche 29

Skagit Valley Lightning 0 South Sound Shockers 1 FFT

Pierce County Knights 0 Seattle Stallions 35

May 6

Northwest Avalanche 42 Olympic Peninsula Eagles 13

Pierce County Knights 1 Bothell Bulldogs 0 FFT

Skagit Valley Lightning 0 Seattle Stallions 1 FFT

Eugene Dragons 0 South Sound Shockers 74

May 13

Willamette Valley Raiders 20 South Sound Shockers 21

Seattle Stallions 38 Northwest Avalanche 23

Pierce County Knights 1 Eugene Dragons 0 FFT

Olympic Peninsula Eagles 1 Skagit Valley Lightning 0 FFT

May 20

Northwest Avalanche 1 Skagit Valley Lightning 0 FFT

Seattle Stallions 60 Olympia Peninsula Eagles 14

Eugene Dragons 1 Bothell Bulldogs 0 FFT

South Sound Shockers 42 Pierce County Knights 7

June 3 - Playoffs

Pierce County Knights 0 Seattle Stallions 42

Northwest Avalanche 7 South Sound Shockers 41

June 17 - Championship

Seattle Stallions 12 South Sound Shockers 7

July 8 - Cascade Bowl I

Seattle Stallions 47 TriCity Knights 27

Dec 9 - Far West Football Association 2 Championship

Seattle Stallions 0 Glendale Rangers 1 FFT


2007 Schedule/Results

Mar 3

Lakewood Wolves 0 Valley Mustangs 1 FFT

Skagit Valley Lightning 2 Valley Mustangs 20

Mar 10

Skagit Valley Lightning 21 Wenatchee Rams 28

Oregon Monarchs 21 Valley Mustangs 6

Mar 17

South Sound Shockers 32 Oregon Monarchs 0

Wenatchee Rams 20 Northwest Avalanche 13

Lane County Dragons 0 Umpqua Valley Knights 53

Skagit Valley Lightning 6 Blue Mountain Stars 50

State Line Miners 14 Lakewood Wolves 0

Mar 24

Valley Mustangs 20 Wenatchee Rams 28

Yakima Mavericks 15 South Sound Shockers 33

Mar 31

Northwest Avalanche 15 Skagit Valley Lightning 28

Lakewood Wolves 36 Lane County Dragons 6

Valley Mustangs 0 South Sound Shockers 20

Apr 7

Snohomish County Vikings 14 Valley Mustangs 12

Lane County Dragons 14 Skagit Valley Lightning 54

South Sound Shockers 42 Lakewood Wolves 0

Apr 14

South Sound Shockers 96 Lane County Dragons 6

Skagit Valley Lightning 10 Northwest Avalanche 21

Valley Mustangs 12 Lakewood Wolves 0

Apr 21

Lakewood Wolves 8 South Sound Shockers 49

Skagit Valley Lightning 8 Yakima Mavericks 37

Northwest Avalanche 0 Valley Mustangs 32

Apr 28

Renton Ravens 6 South Sound Shockers 61

Northwest Avalanche 9 Peninsula Eagles 16

Lane County Dragons 1 Lakewood Wolves 0 FFT

West Sound Saints 27 Skagit Valley Lightning 13

Valley Mustangs 62 Columbia River Coyotes 8

May 5

Northwest Avalanche 27 Lane County Dragons 0

Snohomish County Vikings 32 Skagit Valley Lightning 0

South Sound Shockers 20 West Sound Saints 14

Washington Cavaliers 7 Valley Mustangs 55

King County Jaguars 1 Lakewood Wolves 0 FFT

May 12

South Sound Shockers 84 Skagit Valley Lightning 7

Lane County Dragons 0 Valley Mustangs 63

Lakewood Wolves 0 Northwest Avalanche 1 FFT

May 19

Lane County Dragons 0 South Sound Shockers 105

Valley Mustangs 32 Northwest Avalanche 12

Skagit Valley Lightning 1 Lakewood Wolves 0 FFT

June 2

South Sound Shockers 47 Northwest Avalanche 0

Skagit Valley Lightning 0 Valley Mustangs 60

June 9 - Playoffs

Skagit Valley Lightning 0 Valley Mustangs 43

Northwest Avalanche 0 South Sound Shockers 63

June 16 - Championship

Valley Mustangs 0 South Sound Shockers 66

June 23 - GNFA Playoffs

High Desert Lightning 2 South Sound Shockers 47

June 30 - GNFA Championship

South Sound Shockers 10 Blue Mountain Stars 31